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Webinar Series
Register now for our upcoming webinar on June 16 at 4 pm EST as we'll be joined by Northwestern University for
ResilientNU: Enhancing Student Social and Emotional Wellness through Small Group Programming. We'll learn about this preventive mental health program and how other campuses can implement similar programs.

Make sure to also catch our most recent webinar: Focus on Key Culture Change Components with UC Davis. And, complete the continuing education credit survey within two weeks following each webinar for CHES credit.
Join the Evidence-Based Practice Committee
We need your expertise. Join the BHAC Research & Evidence-Based Practice Committee to further academic health and wellness. The value of harnessing the collective knowledge from academic institutions across the country is critical towards leading best practices and standards in health and wellness for students, faculty, staff and facilitating wellness in our surrounding communities.
Interested? Contact: Dawn Goldstein, Michigan State University
Gamified Health Learning:
Why It’s A Game-Changer for Campus Health
We as campus health professionals are always looking for strategies to get students engaged with health. Whether it’s understanding student health insurance coverage, identifying the best mental and emotional health resources, or navigating COVID-19 health and safety issues, there is a mass of critical information for students to absorb and decipher.

In a recent survey, 60% of students surveyed said gamified learning was the best learning platform for them. Read Horan Campus Health's latest blog post to learn more about how they bring custom messaging, polling and surveys, and a personalized user experience to each campus they serve to help us accomplish our wellness goals. 
Stories and Solutions
Everyday Health and Building Healthy Academic Communities has launched a new content initiative with YOUR article submissions at its core. Watch to learn more about this initiative. We want to zero in on the wellness challenges facing our campuses, and what's working and what's not. A resource for diverse audiences, we need YOUR help in order to launch this tool, which will be seen by thousands across the country.

Interested?! Contact Megan Amaya
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