Healthy Home Tips:
Keep It Energy Efficient
Dear Yachad Homeowner:
In this last email of our healthy home series, let's talk about how to get your home ready for winter. Below is a list of simple things you can do to make sure your home is cozy, warm and energy efficient during wintertime.

Do you need any help paying your heating bill? Reach out to your municipality to learn more about energy bill assistance. If you are a homeowner, you can also inquire about free weatherization services, which will help keep the cold air out and warm air in.

Let us know if you need any assistance filling out the energy assistance and/or weatherization applications. We are happy to help.

I hope our healthy home tips have been useful. Links to all of them can be found at the bottom of this email. If you have questions about taking care of your home, please reach out.
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Block Drafts
Check around your doorways and windows for drafts. An imperfect seal will not only allow cold air to sneak in but can also allow the air you’ve worked hard to warm up to leak outside.
  • Insulate Window Panes: Use bubble wrap and a spray water bottle to insulate window panes without much loss of light. Spray the window lightly and press the bubble wrap to the window. Then trim with a razor. It will stay on all winter and it’s pretty too.
  • Make a Draft Blocker: Position a draft snake at the base of doors. Or make a draft blocker by cutting off the leg of old tights then stuff with rags or fiberfill. Knot the end and place at the bottom of the door. Or use a piece of foam pipe insulation on interior doors.
  • Add Drapes or Shower Curtain: Heavy curtains are great at insulating windows but expensive. You can pin a cheap shower curtain to the inside of your existing curtains to make a quick and easy draft blocker. Close at night but open during the day so the sun can help warm the room.
Redirect Heat
  • Use Tin Foil: If you have radiators, tape tin foil behind and on the floor to reflect heat into your room. You can also buy foil covered foam board at a hardware store, and cut it to fit behind and below for extra insulation.
  • Use Magnetic Vent Covers: Use magnetic vent covers to easily block heat or air conditioning in an unused room. Then close the door and have the heat where you need it.
  • Reverse Ceiling Fan: Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan, so it is COUNTERCLOCKWISE. Most have a switch for this. By creating an updraft, the fan will cause hot air on the ceiling (remember, hot air rises) to be forced downward.
Check Filter & Pipes
  • Change Furnace Filter: Don't forget to change your furnace filter. Your furnace will work better and will help keep the air inside your home clean. Check out our how-to tips.
person changing a furnace air filter
  • Insulate Hot Water Pipes: Wrapping foam pipe insulation around your hot water pipes will prevent heat loss. It is cheap and easy to install. Start at your hot water heater and cover any exposed hot water lines you can see. Watch how-to do it.
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