Dear Yachad Homeowner

In the last email, we talked about mold and excess moisture. What does excess moisture mean?

Moisture in the air, or humidity, is simply the water that is in the air. Some humidity in your home is healthy and good, but humidity levels shouldn’t be too high . Indoor humidity at about 40% is perfect! That’s about the humidity level of a typical, dry March day in DC. Washington humidity in the summer can go up to 90%! Do you want that in your home?

Too much indoor moisture sitting in one place can lead to mold or mildew. That’s why bathrooms and basements are the worst for mold! Everyday home activities, like cooking, washing and drying clothes, and taking showers and baths, can add humidity to your home.

An average 15-minute shower can add almost 3 CUPS of water to the air. Imagine pouring 3 cups of water on your bathroom floor! That’s why it’s important to run a fan or open the door after you’re finished bathing. Laundry and cooking add even more water to the air! A typical home, with 4 people and normal home activity, can add almost a gallon of water a day to the air!!!

So, what to do? Check out my tips below.