Healthy Home Tips:
Keep It Safe & Maintained
Dear Yachad Homeowner:
A safe and maintained home is a healthy home.

We encourage you to keep up with repairs before they become dangerous or waste money. For example, a dripping faucet can cost you $$. A loose step is a trip hazard. And missing caulking around the tub causes mold and leaks in the wall and ceiling.

A little time now will give you great rewards. Keep the tips below in mind to keep your home safe for your family.
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Robin Renner
Construction Director
1) Check for Tripping Hazards 
Steps, loose rugs, and items on the floor can all cause injuries.
2) Check Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are working. They just may save your life. It’s a pain when they go off during cooking, but please don’t take the battery out. If they sound off frequently, they might be in the wrong location, or maybe the oven just needs cleaning.
3) Use Nontoxic Cleaners
Bleach gives off fumes that can make breathing worse. Mixing cleaning products can cause dangerous chemical reactions. 

Look into nontoxic alternatives. I’m a big believer in Borax for cleaning, mold control, and pest control. You can buy a box of laundry Borax in the grocery store, and it’s a great all-purpose cleaner. Directions for use are on the box.
4) Don't Overload Outlets
If outlets are limited, don’t overload them. Use surge protectors, which have a trip fuse that will cut off the power before a circuit gets overloaded and causes a fire. 
5) Childproof Your Home
Keep dangerous items away from children. Child locks on cabinets can save a trip to the hospital.

Call Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 if you suspect your child has gotten into something,
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