February 2, 2023

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Questions & Answers about the

Healthy Living Campus project

Q: What is the current status of the Healthy Living Campus?

A: BCHD is working with WRC PMB Redondo Beach, our partner for the development and the operation of the Campus, to refine the Phase 1 campus plans and finalize our application for a conditional use permit with the City of Redondo Beach. This is expected in the next 3-6 months. Similar to other projects that apply for a conditional use permit, the public will be able to access the plan when it is submitted to the City. 


Q: How tall will the Healthy Living Campus be?

A: The certified Environmental Impact Report for the Healthy Living Campus ensures that building heights are restricted to not more than 74 inches higher than the current building, or a maximum height of approximately 82 feet. The diagram below demonstrates the maximum height of the new, 283,070 square foot building as measured from Prospect Avenue.

Q: Where is the new campus building going to be situated?  

A: In response to feedback from the community, the planned new building was moved nearer the northern border of the campus, adjacent to the Vons Shopping Center. This move was made to place the RCFE building further from neighboring homes. The project underwent major revisions in 2019 and 2020 in response to feedback from the community.

Q: How will the campus be powered? 

A: The certified EIR addressed the impacts of campus infrastructure. The campus will utilize newer, greener power generation, and will be built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building standards. It should be noted that fuel tanks for generators have been located on the campus for more than 60 years without incident.


Q: What is the total area of the Healthy Living Campus?

A: The total developed building area for the project – which consists of two phases – is estimated at 665,820 square feet by architect Paul Murdoch.

BCHD is currently focused on Phase 1 of the Healthy Living Campus project, which is estimated to be 283,070 square feet. This building is the curved L-shaped building (orange) at the upper left of the diagram below. Phase 2, which includes the round building in the center of the diagram and the structures to the right in the diagram (light blue), is currently estimated at 382,750 sq. ft.


Murdoch estimates that when complete, the total project will be 792,520 square feet – a figure that includes the square footage of the existing 520 (47,000 sq. ft.) N. Prospect Ave. medical building (dark blue at bottom left in the diagram).

Q: What community outreach has BCHD done?

A: We have been communicating with the community about this project since 2017, with more than 60 public meetings and 1,000 public comments, plus a thorough outreach campaign for the Environmental Impact Report process.

BCHD has been recognized for its transparency many times in recent years. That includes these comments from the January 14, 2019 Healthy Living Campus Community Working Group Meeting from Mark Nelson: “BCHD continues to work openly and cooperatively with its constituent communities and the local neighborhoods that will be most impacted by the final outcome.”

We have worked openly and cooperatively throughout the development of the Healthy Living Campus and continue to do so.

BCHD Board of Directors Meeting(s)

BCHD holds public board meetings every month (except August and December). Residents are encouraged to attend board meetings and may also contact board members directly with questions or comments, and/or call 310-374-3426, ext. 8213.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Study Session - Budget Kickoff: 5 p.m.

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