June 22, 2020
Refined Healthy Living Campus Master Plan is More Compact in Response to Community Input

At the June 17 Board of Directors Meeting, the refined Healthy Living Campus Master Plan and financials were presented.

The Board voted to continue the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process ⁠— originally started in June 2019 ⁠— with the more compact Healthy Living Campus Master plan as the basis of the project description, which will inform the public and project decision-makers about significant environmental effects and identify possible ways to minimize or avoid those effects. 

We are currently in the midst of the EIR process, so no decisions regarding the proposed campus have been made. The concept phase is complete and we are now heading into the environmental analysis.
Beach Cities Health District to cut Healthy Living Campus revamp by $160 million
PUBLISHED: June 16, 2020 at 4:49 p.m. | UPDATED: June 16, 2020 at 4:50 p.m.

Beach Cities Health District officials have once again scaled back plans for an ambitious redevelopment of its Healthy Living Campus — this time by about $160 million.

The local health agency will publicly unveil its new, less-expansive plans for the 11-acre property at a 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 17, board meeting.

Changes include reducing assisted-living units for older adults to 220 from 420, cutting down construction time and scrapping residential units planned for the east side of campus, near Torrance.
The revamp will cost an estimated $370 million, down from the $530 million the project was estimated to cost last year, said Tom Bakaly, the health district’s CEO.

The Beach Cities Health District is a preventative health agency for Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. The agency, founded in 1955, is a special district that relies on property tax revenue for about a quarter of its income. The rest comes from a mix of rent from leases at its main campus, 514 N. Prospect Ave., in Redondo Beach; program fees; and various partnerships.

Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) has refined the
Master Plan for its proposed Healthy Living Campus in Redondo Beach and presented the updated concept to the BCHD Board of Directors on Wednesday, June 17.

The pared-down project includes:
  • Fewer Units: Reducing Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) units from 420 to 220;
  • Smaller Building Sizes: Reducing the square footage of the new buildings from 423,000 sf to 253,700 sf; with plans to shift them farther from adjacent homes;
  • Less Construction Time: Active construction time is shortened from nine to four years in two phases (instead of three)

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