April 10, 2013 / Issue XIII

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CPT Member Minute: Alisa Sanders, RN

CPT member Alisa Sanders represents the University of Texas Lactation Foundation, which is funded by the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.  The Lactation Foundation clinic is staffed by registered nurses who provide clinic-based support for mothers.   


Alisa described literature that shows a connection between increased breastfeeding and a decreased risk of obesity in children. There are current policies that are helping workplaces become friendlier to breastfeeding mothers. The Lactation Foundation has put forth legislation to get breastfeeding moms supported if their rights are violated. Click here to learn more about the Lactation Foundation 

Youth Engagement Photovoice Contest 
What makes healthy eating and physical activity easy or hard in your community?

Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites to see what the HLM Youth Ambassadors from Wheatley High School, the Youth Police Advisory Council, and KIPP Sunnyside High School have posted!
Abandoned lots and stray dogs make healthy living harder. I would not want to run or walk here. 
-Tarneisha, Wheatley High School
Texas Obesity News

HLM member featured on local NPR series "UH Moment"

CPT member, Dr. Norma Olvera, was highlighted during an episode of "UH Moment" on Houston's public radio station KUHF. She highlighted her BOUNCE program, a healthy lifestyle after school program for Hispanic girls and mothers.  UH Moment recordings

Concern Grows as Obesity Soars Among Texas Latinos  


Latinos are Texas' fastest-growing population group. And they are grappling with soaring obesity rates. According to the Department of State Health Services, almost 40 percent of Hispanics are obese. To combat the health crisis, cities as well as state lawmakers are aiming to get Latinos exercising and eating healthier.


The Texas State Demographer's office expects that by 2030, nearly six million Latinos will be obese. That number could soar to almost nine and a half million by 2040. All that adds up to a looming health crisis, with potentially high costs for the state.


Across the state local communities are trying to raise awareness. Here in Austin, the local Univision station has teamed up with Austin Parks and Rec to offer a fitness challenge through October.  They kicked things off with a public Zumba event last Saturday at the Mexican American Cultural Center.  Full article 


83rd Texas Legislature: Updates

Check the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living site that tracks health-related bills and announces public hearings on legislation. Full website

National Obesity News

RWJF Poll About Children and Weight:
Crunch Time--3 p.m. to Bed
The poll takes a look at children's eating and activity habits during crunch time, from their parents' perspective and addresses: 1) challenges relating to helping children maintain or achieve a healthy weight; 2) perceptions of children's activities and food or drink consumption; 3) practices around the family dinner; 4) family practices around restful sleep; and 5) family events as compared with daily practice. Full article with key findings

Tread Lightly: Labels That Translate Calories into Walking Distance Could Induce People to Eat Less

Choosing what to eat or drink based on calorie numbers alone is challenging for some restaurant-goers, according to Anthony Viera at the University of North Carolina (U.N.C.) at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. So Viera and his colleagues conducted an online survey of 802 individuals randomly presented with one of four hypothetical menus. One of the menus provided only calorie counts, another supplemented this with information about the number of minutes one would need to walk to burn those calories whereas the third menu showed calorie numbers plus the distance necessary to walk them off. The fourth menu had no nutritional data whatsoever. All of the physical activity labeling for walking was based on the energy expenditure of a 160-pound adult walking at a rate of 30 minutes per mile-so a "regular burger" was, for example, listed as containing 250 calories, the equivalent amount burned in 2.6 miles, or 78 minutes of walking. Full article

New Report: Strategies to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth


A new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report: Strategies to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth, highlights promising interventions to help children and teens be active for 60 minutes or more each day. The report summarizes the best available evidence about ways to increase physical activity in five settings: schools, communities, preschool and childcare centers, homes, and primary health care. Full article  


Construction That Focuses on Health of Residents


Doctors, social agencies and community groups that have long been frustrated by the inability to alleviate environmental conditions that contribute to ailments like heart disease and obesity are promoting the idea that a shift in land-use planning and design can stanch some of the harmful influences.

The concept is being put to one of its earliest and biggest tests in the La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood near downtown Denver. That's where the city's housing authority used a relatively new decision-making tool known as a health impact assessment to draft a redevelopment plan that encourages physical activity and environmental sustainability. Full article 




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Healthy Texas Week

April 9-13

Various locations in Texas 

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Doctors for Change April Obesity Committee Meeting

April 10, 6:30-8:00pm

Local Foods, 2424 Dunstan

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Public Hearing on 2013 Draft Action Plan

April 10, 6:00-8:00pm 

Third Ward Multi-Service Center, 611 Ennis Street
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Global Health and Innovation Conference
April 13-14
Yale University
Kinder Institute Luncheon
April 23rd
, 11:30am
 1600 River Oaks Boulevard 
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Transportation Policy Council
April 26, 9:30-11:00am


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