Popcorn King LLC has proudly announced that it is introducing the first  healthy popcorn  vending machine in the United States. The vending machine is a one of a kind popcorn ATM and it will play a major role in creating new jobs for the people.

In addition, this remarkable  popcorn vending machine  makes popcorn instantly and these healthy popcorn are fat-less, hot, already salted and very tasty. 61% of the world’s popcorn are consumed in the United States and the US is also the biggest market for vending machines, which makes this remarkable machine a perfect choice for a new startup.

Following are some of the most amazing features of Popcorn King:

  • Ability air pop 150 portions per load
  • Compact
  • Easy-handling
  • Cool design
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Smart cup and butter dispenser
  • Quick and easy and maintenance
  • Fast financial return
  • High profitability