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Dr. Liz Healthy Possibilities 


This issue of Healthy Possibilities  will provide you with insight on the importance of taking action now. Included are links to provide you with more information and helpful resources on how you can make a difference today in the movement to stop bullying.


The Time is Now!
For Parents
Teens can make a difference right now. They don't have to wait until they become adults. It's important to empower teens to develop the ir  skills and talents in order to give them a sense of accomplishment and pur pose. Experiencing the  feeling of being successful early on is essential in building a pathway towards future success. It's important for teens to succeed in something whether it is in school, sports, an afterschool job, or an artistic endeavor.  One moment of success tells them that they have the ability to achieve greater heights no matter what anyone says or what challenges they need to overcome.


How can you support teens and encourage them to achieve?  Volunteer to mentor the young people in your life and help your teenagers connect with someone who can guide them to use their talents effectively.  Talk to them about their interests and be willing and available to listen.  As parents we like to offer our opinions and fix things for our teens, but often teens don't want our opinion; they just want to share their thoughts and opinions out loud in order to work it out for themselves.  I suggest actually asking teens if they would rather have you listen or would they prefer you to give a suggestion or share your thoughts.  This enables you to know what type of support is needed at the moment. 


Also, find ways they can use their talent.  If they are gifted in art, perhaps they can join the art club at school, take art classes, volunteer to teach art to younger children, or paint a mural on a wall for the community.  If your teen likes to direct people and is naturally charismatic, you might want to steer him/her towards leadership opportunities whether it be in school or in the community.  Perhaps they can even start a club of interest or create a community service project that they can spearhead. It's important for you to guide them towards the road to success and allow them to see that their contributions matter.

For Teens
Move yourself into action. You have gifts and talents so go out soccer-player-portrait.jpg and use them. What are you waiting for? The more you use your talents, the better you will become so that eventually you will be known and recognized for them. You have natural gifts despite what anyone says or thinks, but if you don't use them they will go to waste and won't do anyone any good.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • How can I use what I like to do in my everyday life? 
  • How can my talents be used to make a positive impact on others?
  • What would life be like if I were really heard, known, and appreciated for my contributions? 
  • What actions can I take right now to develop my talents and use them?

The key phrase here is "take action."  The path to success involves taking action. You can't get anywhere in life by standing still and thinking about something.  Even if your action steps take you a few steps backward, you can learn from them in order to readjust and ultimately move forward towards success.  Use your gifts to make a difference.  The time is now!


Join The Fight - Take a Stand Against Bullying
What are your true colors when it comes to bullying? If you care about keeping your school safe, make your color ORANGE on Unity Day October 19-20, 2016. That's the day everyone can come together-in schools, communities, and online-and send one large ORANGE message of support, hope, and unity. Learn more.

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