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JUNE 2020
Healthy RC Steering Committee Virtual Meeting
Healthy RC Living

Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits
Serves 4

  • 3 cups plain yogurt
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 pinch nutmeg
  • 3 cups frozen berry blend**
  • 1 cup fresh apple cubes
  • 1 cup good quality granola

  1. Combine yogurt, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl. Whisk it until well incorporated.
  2. Layer 1/3 cup of yogurt mix into the bottom each of 4 tall glasses. Combine defrosted strawberries and juice with fresh berries. Alternate layers of fruit and granola with yogurt until glasses are filled to the top. Serve parfaits immediately to keep granola crunchy. 

**When fresh berries are available use a combination of any berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries. 

Have you checked out the City's Virtual Recreation Center yet? 

While our facilities are closed and we aren't holding programs, you can visit our Virtual Recreation Center at  for fun, creative, and educational content.

Bookmark this page and follow us on social media for updates on our operational status and ideas to keep you and your loved ones, healthy, informed, and engaged! 

Dust off old energy habits as we change seasons! Spring cleaning is the perfect time to reevaluate energy use around the house and commit to saving more. This includes:

  • Turning off lights when leaving the room
  • Unplugging devices not currently in use
  • Turning off the AC/heater and enjoying the fresh outdoor air

The Community Services Department presents its final challenge in their National Physical Fitness & Sports month video series with the 50 sit-ups a day challenge !

Remember to keep your feet, hips and knees aligned with knees bent, and exhale on your way up and inhale on your way back down. 


Sleep is an essential part of life. Just like water and oxygen, we can't live without it, yet many try to! As we adjust to the new normal and try to remain healthy, focusing on sleep and getting enough of it is critical! A good night's sleep is linked to less stress, boosted immune systems and overall improved health and wellness. If you want to be your best, getting enough hours of sleep should be a top priority. 
Resiliency in Uncertain Times Community Resources Toolkit   

The Healthy RC Mental Health Subcommittee compiled a comprehensive list of resources related to Resiliency related to COVID-19 such as contact information of all the therapists volunteering at our events, local mental health services, flyers for upcoming City of Rancho Cucamonga and County of San Bernardino events and other supportive COVID-19 coping toolkits. 
Helpful Resources
In collaboration with the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library , the Compassionate Community Subcommittee have recommended the following resources and reading lists that aim to provide additional guidance on important conversations regarding the topics of race, social justice, and celebration of diversity:
Together, we can create a unifying and compassionate environment for everyone!

Don't forget to share your #BeKindRC story and tag us on social media. You can also participate by joining our planning committee or being involved with any of our activities. For inquiries, contact us at or at (909) 774-2043 .
Virtual Community Conversations on Resiliency
in Times of Uncertainty   
The Healthy RC Mental Health Subcommittee hosted another successful Mental Health Symposium, this time inviting residents virtually to attend the  Community Conversations on Resiliency in Uncertain Times.  Over 50 residents had a chance to listen to words of wisdom by our Mayor L. Dennis Michael and pastor Jeff Gokee from Hillside Community Church. Speakers tailored their speeches around resiliency and creating a culture of compassion during hardship and struggle. In addition, over 25 non-profit representatives, therapist volunteers, and county representatives attended the event to provide resources and engage with residents.  Starlette Turner from Connect Inland Empire presented how to use the Connect IE online platform and easily connect to services.

The interactive event also included a chance for attendees to select a break-out session related to coping with the effects of COVID-19 on their daily lives led by therapists who specialize in the topic. Topics included Parenting Support, "Stressed about COVID-19?", "Bro, it’s ok to not be ok!", Teen Support, Financial Uncertainty, Living with a Medical Condition, and Selfless Service. One of the highlights was the Mental Health Provider Spotlight Break-out room where several agencies provided presentations around accessing mental health services. Overall, residents received a supportive space to talk about their stressors and find tools around coping for themselves or a loved one. One resident shared,  “The therapists were very knowledgeable, caring, friendly. They provided different resources, and manageable skills. I enjoyed that very much.”   The entire group came back together for a closing Acu-Pressure Tapping Workshop by Susan Jackson, a local LMFT, to give attendees an instant trick on how to calm anxiety. A resident said, “I loved the tapping training! Very impressed with the entire event. THANK YOU for caring so well for the citizens of our city!”.  

The event was a huge success and we are thrilled to have such a great partnerships with County and mental health agencies, faith-based groups, and volunteer therapists, all of which stepped up to support the community. Our work is affirmed by an attendee who shared in the survey,   “Keep up the good work! You restore my faith in government agencies” .  

All attendees also received the  Resiliency in Uncertain Times Community Resources Toolkit  The Healthy RC Mental Health Subcommittee compiled a comprehensive list of resources related to Resiliency related to COVID-19 such as contact information of all the therapists volunteering at our events, local mental health services, flyers for upcoming City of Rancho Cucamonga and County of San Bernardino events, and other supportive COVID-19 coping toolkits. 
We are here for you at our Monthly RC Community Check-ins
As a response to the need of more consistent mental health support groups in Rancho Cucamonga, Healthy RC partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Pomona Valley to provide virtual community conversations called  Community Check-ins.  We encourage people to just grab a cup of tea and get comfortable at home, while logging on the  Community Check-in  safe space to share what’s on your mind.

The first check-in was held on June 1st from 6:00pm-7:30pm and will continue the first Monday of every month. The purpose of this group is to share, listen, collaborate and learn from your fellow community members. NAMI Executive Director James Curtis facilitates and guides the conversation so that people can find the right tools, resources, and strategies to practice self-care and wellness. This month's conversation revolved around attendees sharing how each person finds support. Many shared that faith, meditation, calling up a friend, gardening, and cooking were some of the ways they cope with anxiety and stress. The next one is on July 6th at 6:00pm and all are welcome!

For more information, simply click on the flyer above!   
Taking the First Step to Cope with Grief and Loss  

Earlier this year, Healthy RC hosted a Mental Health Symposium to fulfill the overwhelming need for more safe spaces to talk about grief and loss. The Mental Health Subcommittee members subsequently determined that it was vital to follow this up with a weekly, virtual 4-part series titled  Continuing the Conversation: Perspectives on Grief and Loss .  Each week features community members who will share their grieving process and journey of losing a family member or friend, and provide lessons learned from their experiences.  Break-out groups will also be organized during these meetings so that residents have opportunities to discuss their personal journey of grieving within a supportive environment of empathetic listeners. The first meeting was held on June 3rd with over 20 participants attending, and proved to be a powerful and healing experience for many.  
These community discussions will continue throughout the month of June and you and your loved ones are invited to attend. Come listen to powerful community testimonials that showcase resilience and learn how to seek appropriate mental health services to support your experiences with grief and loss.  
Additional Mental Health Resources
Be sure to check out the resources below shared by Dr. Emily Shum:

Healthy RC Youth Leaders Use Data and Storytelling to Focus Attention on Community Needs   
Healthy RC Youth Leaders did excellent work in sharing their ESRI Storymaps at the End-of-Year Presentations to City Council, City staff, and community partners (American Lung Association, Department of Behavioral Health, Chaffey Joint Union High School District, and local therapists). Research topics included teen homelessness, vape policy, environmental issues, language equity in city services, and mental health. Each Youth Leader spent many months doing community focus groups and survey collection to be able to identify a community issue they care about and present their findings and potential strategies to address the community issue to community stakeholders.

Through this process, they were able to acquire teamwork and communication skills, as well as research skills like data collection, data analysis, and critical thinking as they developed strategies to help implement their ideas and put them into action. Amoha Bhale, 10th grade at Rancho Cucamonga High School, shared that  “Youth Leaders has granted me with so many opportunities to further my advocacy skills, ranging from giving me the tools necessary for effective presentations all the way to actually creating direct change in the community like the mental health symposiums or the Transitional Age Youth Center”.  Many Youth Leaders received invitations to present at future meetings because they are now subject matter experts of their topics. The first group that will present will be the Mental Health Group at the next Healthy RC Steering Committee. All Youth Leaders are looking forward to implementing all their policies and programs in the following months. 
For more information on Healthy RC's Youth Leaders program, contact Joanna Marrufo, Management Aide at (909) 774-2044 or at .
Central Park Energy Efficient Upgrade 
The Central Park Community and Senior Center facility will soon be upgraded with LED lights throughout the interior of the building.  This effort will provide a consistent lighting level in each room of the building.  Replacing the old lighting with LED improves the overall energy efficiency of the building and decreases the monthly electricity bill.  The LED lights will be installed while there is a limited activity occurring at Central Park.  This investment was made possible through incentive funding received from the citywide LED Streetlight Retrofit project that was completed a couple of years ago.  The exterior portion of Central Park was upgraded with LED when the solar panels were installed in both parking lots.  The City aims to continually and strategically improve the energy efficiency level of our buildings to advance the health and environmental sustainability in the community. For questions, please contact Deborah Allen, Management Aide, at .
Lower your Electric Bill by 50-90%
Have solar installed on your home free of charge through the Grid Alternatives program! Income-qualified homeowners living south of Foothill Boulevard can qualify. Save money and join your fellow Californians to make a positive difference by applying today! Call (951) 465-2864 or visit

 “I love these free solar panels on my home! My electricity bill is almost nonexistent, and it will make a huge difference in the summer when we need to keep the house cool with the air conditioner. I am encouraging my friends and family to apply!”   

-Claudia Paz, RC Resident
Respond to the 2020 Census today—and help Rancho Cucamonga plan for the next 10 years of healthcare, infrastructure, education, and more. Shape your future and learn more at 2020CENSUS.GOV.
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To support local businesses with a plan for reopening, the City along with Victorville and Yucaipa have created a COVID-19 Business Reopening Plan Template for local small businesses to use. The plan can be customized to fit specific business operations and aid in the compliance of safety and physical distancing. To download the template, click on the flyer below:
Find Meals for Kids When Schools are Closed

To slow the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), many schools have closed unexpectedly. To ensure that children who rely on free or reduced-price meals at school are able to get the nutrition they need, USDA is working with states to continue...

Read more

The  USDA National Hunger Hotline  remains a helpful resource for people seeking food assistance.

Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET.

  • 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479)

  • 1-877-8-HAMBRE (1-877-842-6273) (Español)
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Heritage Farmers' Market has set up an online ordering system for those who may not be able to make it to the market due to transportation and/or other quarantine-related issues.
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