December 10th, 2018 is Human Rights Day
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 this year! The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that human rights are universal – they are to be enjoyed by all people, no matter who they are or where they are from. The thirty principles, or articles, enshrined in the Declaration are as relevant today as they were in 1948. We can all take action in our own daily lives, to celebrate and uphold the rights that protect us all and thereby promote the kinship of all human beings. For more information and resources to bring to your classroom check out Human Rights Day


We Organization
Thousands of students from around BC came to Vancouver on November 22nd to participate in We Day. We Org believes that no matter your age or location, we can all make a positive impact—whether that’s volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness around causes that matter. For different campaigns, educator resources and more information on We Schools, check out: We Org.


Serving Up Healthy School Lunches - Salad-bar Style
For Houston, BC's Silverthorne Elementary, setting students up for success begins with a meal made with love. Until recently, many residents in this small community travelled 120km round trip to purchase groceries, so providing students with a healthy lunch at school has been a top priority. Find out more.

Cook It Try It Like It - In the Classroom
School District 22’s Health Promoting School Coordinator together with the local Food Action Society, revised the popular Cook It Try It Like It program with the goal of increasing capacity and ensuring district sustainability. The most impactful change they made was taking the program from an after-school initiative to a classroom program.  Find out more.

Reso urces

Canadian Olympic School Program
The Canadian Olympic School Program offers over 100 free online education resources that are aimed at promoting safer and more inclusive sport environments, inspiring the application of the Olympic values and engaging Canadians in adopting and maintaining healthy active lifestyles. The resources are adaptable lessons written by teachers for educators, athletes, coaches and community groups. Find out more.

Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds: A Tool For Every Educator
This Canadian-based resource includes answers to frequently asked questions about role modelling and teaching in order to positively impact your students. Topics include: self-esteem and body image, media literacy, healthy school environments and more.  Find out more .

Adults and Youth - Bounce Back BC
Bounce Back BC is a free skill-building program from the Canadian Mental Health Association to help individuals aged 15+ experiencing mild to moderate depression or anxiety. Bounce Back offers three forms of help: coaching, video and online self-help program. Find out more


Shaping the Future 2018: Pan-Canadian School Health Summit
Save the date! On January 31 st – February 2 nd , 2019, Ever Active Schools hosts the 10th annual Shaping the Future Conference at Lake Louise, Alberta. This conference brings together educators, health and wellness professionals and researchers to discuss all aspects of comprehensive school health. Delegates will enjoy a variety of interactive learning formats: pre-conferences, workshops, keynote speakers, concurrent sessions, outdoor sessions, research posters, success stories and networking opportunities with exhibitors. Find out more.