Random Acts of Kindness Week - February 18th - 22nd
A RAKtivist is short for a Random Acts of Kindness activist. They are the students who stop to hold the door open for a teacher when their hands full or the teenager who invites the new student to sit with them at lunch. For kindness ideas, free posters, lessons plans and more check out Random Acts of Kindness. RAK also provides a Teacher Self-Assessment Tool which identifies ways that teachers can grow, care for themselves and increase a sense of self-efficacy around their teaching. Find out more.

ParticipACTION - Community Better Challenge & School Grants
The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is here to get Canadians sitting less and moving more together. They are calling on communities to get active for a chance to win the title of Canada’s Most Active Community and $150,000 towards local physical activity initiatives. They want to encourage schools to host physical activity-based events during the challenge and are offering grants of up to $1,000 and promotional kits to assist you in mobilizing your school . Get moving, the deadline to apply is March 1 st . Find out more .


Teens Are Sleeping Less Than Ever Before
A recent study on US teens showed that more than 70% of high school students average less than 8 hours of sleep, falling short of the 8 to 10 hour recommendation as set out in the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines . Research has shown that insufficient sleep negatively affects learning and development, acutely alters judgment and could lead to an increase in risky behaviours, particularly among youths. For tips on improving sleep for yourself, your students or your family check out: Kelty Mental Health  


Student Leaders Teach About Healthy Eating
Teachers from Begbie View Elementary in Revelstoke observed that many younger students were bringing processed foods for snacks. Teachers enlisted the help of grade five students to design two lessons based on the Healthy Habits program they completed. After the presentations by the grade five students, teachers observed that the conversations around snacks were shifting. Students started to share with pride the healthy snacks they were eating instead of the processed ones. Providing the grade fives with a leadership role resulted in increased engagement and school connectedness. Find out more.

Peter Greer Elementary Creates an Outdoor Learning Garden
Peter Greer Elementary grade five/six class began an inquiry into how they could make their school a healthier place for students and staff. After conducting a sca n of physical spaces that contributed to active living, healthy eating and healthy relationships, the y saw an opportunity to expand their edible garden. They felt an outdoor learning garden would increase awareness of nutrition, nature and how gardening can improve emotional well- being. Find out more.

Reso urces

February is Psychology Month
Psychology Month is an annual national campaign to raise awareness of the role psychology plays in our lives and in our communities. The British Columbia Psychological Association is hosting a series of 10 free public talks on psychology around the lower mainland. Topics include Helping Children Chase Away Worry, Mindfulness for Resilient Teenagers and many more. To access the list of public talks click here .
Screen Smart for Elementary Schools
Screen Smart Elementary Schools is a Canadian, school-based program designed for children in grades K-7. It aims to increase awareness among students (and their families) of how much time students spend in front of screens and reduc e students’ scre en time to less than 2 hours per day. Screen Smart does not ask students to give up screens, instead the program teaches children and their families how to manage screen time. For curriculum resources or to hold a Screen Smart School Event click here to find out more .


February 27 th 2019 is Pink Shirt Day
The dawn of social media brought with it a whole new way to interact and communicate. This year the collaborators behind Pink Shirt Day want to encourage social media users to THINK before they post, that means, to ask if the post is: T rue, H elpful, I nspiring, N ecessary and K ind. To learn more, register your school or find resources for students, teachers and parents, check out: Pink Shirt Day.