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Healthy Schools Program Update

Upcoming Opportunities
New Culinary Skills Training coming in September! 
Explore Ideas to
Make Yummy Healthy! 

Rather than restricting choices, support students' dietary habits while training their taste buds to enjoy healthy options.  Explore standard units of measurements and the ideal tools to use for the different ingredients used in recipes.  

During this session we will view chef demos, practice scratch-cooking skills while preparing, sampling and evaluating multiple prepared recipes.

See you in: 

Fargo Sept. 19th

 Jamestown Sept. 20th

Minot: Sept. 24th

Bismarck: Sept. 25th

   Health & Wellness
  Keely Ihry
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Including Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education! 

September 24th |  8:30-11:30 | Minot
September 25th |  8:30-3:30   | Jamestown
September 26th |  8:30-2:30   | Fargo
Join SPARK Trainer BJ Williston  as she provides strategies on how to create an inclusive environment, modify lesson plans, adapt activities and equipment, and how to accommodate students during skill-based instruction. 
Training Outcomes: 
  • Implement strategies for successful engagement of all students
  • Utilize the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook resource
  • Participate in activities to learn ways to modify for specific disabilities
  • Identify needs of various exceptionalities and how they affect participation in PE
  • Explore a variety of options for modifications to increase engagement
Cost $15.00 (Inclusive PE Guidebook included) 

SEEC is now recruiting for 3-5 NEW schools to be part of the Healthy Schools Program!
These schools will join  Cohorts 1 & 2 to focus on increasing opportunities for students to be physically active and work to improve the school nutrition environment.  

 w ill be used at each school.  


Schools participating in the Healthy Schools Program will also receive a number of professional development opportunities as part of this program.  



Click here to apply


Contact Keely Ihry at if you are interested or have questions.

Contact Keely Ihry, SEEC Health and Wellness Coordinator