January 2021
Healthy Soil Solutions Monthly
Level up your liquids with NanoShield and Sap Analysis
Good Morning All!

Welcome to the January edition of Healthy Soil Solutions Monthly. Being that we’re nearing the end of January and only weeks away from blossom season, many of our readers are likely hard at work in coordinating their nutrient plans for the upcoming Spring. On that note, we figured it’d be an ideal time to offer our readers a few tips as to how they can be most efficient with their input dollars and performance this year.  

The first step in this more optimized process is arguably the most important, and that would be to accurately identify exactly what nutrients your crop needs and in what quantities. We can’t overstate the importance of being thorough and detailed in this approach, as it can help you avoid a great many dollars wasted on unnecessary nutrient in addition to identifying important micronutrient deficiencies that can cause a whole host of problems that are difficult to diagnose without the use of the proper tools. The proper tools are what we’re here to give you!  

Enter: Sap Analysis, the single-most accurate snapshot of your crops’ nutrient needs at a given time. Unlike tissue analysis, which only reveals what nutrients have already been metabolized and “fixed” in the plant cell wall, sap analysis reveals what’s actively being translocated through the plant’s vascular system in real-time. As our readers are aware, plants need very different nutrients at different times throughout the growing season, and limiting yourself to only looking at tissue can lead to big misses in identifying what the plant needs at that given moment. A simple way to rephrase this would be to say tissue shows you what you needed, not what you need.  

Our most loyal followers will likely be aware that we’re on a mission to help farmers reduce their consumption of not only synthetic inputs, but inputs across the board. The panel of nutrient movement revealed by sap analysis empowers the grower; you now have the information you need to make tailored decisions about your fertilizer programs, eliminating what you don’t need and emphasizing what you do.  

Penny Newman Farm Products is pleased to announce that we have recently entered a partnership with New Age Laboratories, a pioneer in bringing sap analysis to the U.S., to help bring this revolutionary technology to our grower network in the Western states. We encourage all our readers to ask their PN rep about sap analysis and how they can use it to tailor their fertility programs this upcoming season. Check out the video below from New Age for an overview of the benefits of sap analysis. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this revolutionary technology to our customers!  

Now that’s step #1 covered, and step #2 comes by way of our partners at Aqua Yield, developers of their proprietary NanoShield Technology. This is a name that some of our readers may recognize, but we felt it necessary to reiterate the importance of this delivery system as it’s proven the most efficient way to deliver ANY and ALL nutrients exactly when the plant needs it, reducing waste and improving efficiency. It’s also incredibly simple. Let’s say, for example, you identify an unexpected and critical micronutrient deficiency via your sap analysis in late February. You can still use whatever micronutrient source you believe to be most effective and affordable to remedy that deficiency, and simply blending that product with the right Aqua Yield nanoparticles (only 4 oz per acre needed!) will allow you to optimize the utilization of that micronutrient and avoid waste in the form of loss. See the fact sheet below for details as to how these nanoparticles deliver nutrients more efficiently than any other method available. With over 650 trials conducted in the company’s history, Aqua Yield has calculated an average 3:1 return on investment for growers who use their products.  

Again, this plays into a more tailored approach. Simply put, you identify what your plant needs in real-time, avoid wasting money on what’s not needed (or perhaps available in such a surplus that it’s creating toxicity), and deliver exactly what’s needed through the most efficient means possible. This approach really resonates with our ethic of transparency, simplicity, and efficiency, and when we embrace these values in tandem with our customers, there’s no limit on what we can achieve.  

On that note, we can’t wait to see what we achieve with all of you this upcoming season. Happy Blossom from your friends at Penny Newman Farm Products!  

-The Team at Penny Newman Farm Products Division
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Learn More about Plant Sap Analysis - Watch New Age Laboratories info video below!
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