We've accepted that fall is here. It took us a while, as you may have noticed. It’s the first time in 20 years we haven’t been in Italy in the fall, which has always made the transition out of summer so much easier to accept! We love autumn; it is just difficult to leave the summer sun and warmth behind. Yet so many cozy things about the fall season are welcome: the color of the turning leaves, the warmth of a fire in the fireplace or backyard fire pit, the brisk air, and comforting, hearty soups that warm us for the cold winter on its way. 

Soups especially are perfect on an autumn night. We've been cooking several delicious varieties lately and have included two of them below - traditional cannellini bean and vegetable ribollita. There are so many different beans that lend themselves perfectly for soups, but cannellini is the most used in Tuscany. Pureed with the traditional herbs of rosemary and sage, the fragrance and flavor carry us back to Tuscany every time. Ribollita, the traditional bread soup from Tuscany makes a return to menus in the fall. It is a rich vegetable soup that includes kale, cannellini beans and leftover Tuscan bread. Both of the soups are fabulous drizzled with great extra virgin olive oil before serving!
For those of you who've only been to Italy in the heat of the summer, we highly recommend a trip in the fall as it is absolutely beautiful! The weather is clear and cool, there are fewer tourists and the autumn mist settles over the landscape gives everything a medieval feel. It is magical! It's been over a year since we were in Italy last and our friends have been sending photos of their grape and olive harvests. It makes us miss Italy more than every! So we started a list of what we miss most! Scroll down to read it! We'll be talking about the olive harvest in next month's newsletter! 
Buon appetito!
Gina and Mary