July 2017
Coalition Screening Rates
Completing the Healthy Start screening form is valuable for all mothers regardless of age, race or economic status. 

Prenatal Screening Rates* (July 2016 - June 2017)
Coalition Prenatal Screening Rate Goal: 70%
2,628/2,874 = 91%
214/295  = 73%
767/831 = 92%
119/157 = 76%
149/206 = 72%
157/176 = 89%
58/64 = 91%
373/369 = 102%
2,903/3,416 = 85%
642/855 = 75%
370/432 = 86%
134/129 = 104%
Coalition Total
8,514/9,804 = 87%
State Total
164,198/222,448 = 74%
* Prenatal Screening Rate = Total Consenting to Screen / Estimated Number of Pregnant Women
Infant Screening Rates** (July 2016 - June 2017)
Coalition Infant Screening Rate Goal: 85%
The Women's Center at North Florida
3,083/3,097 = 99%
Shands at UF 2,367/2,650 = 89%
The Birth Center of Gainesville 10/19 = 53%
Shands at Lakeshore 581/591 = 98%
Munroe Regional Medical Center 2,099/2,100 = 100%
The Ocala Birth Center 31/31 = 100%
Loving Arms Birth & Wellness Center 10/11 = 91%
Putnam Community Medical Center
243/244 = 99%
Coalition Total
9,308/9,804 = 95%
State Total
207,978/222,448 = 94%
** Infant Screening Rate = Total Screened/Total Infants
Progesterone Treatment (17P) to Help Prevent Premature Birth

Premature birth is birth that happens before 37 weeks of pregnancy.  Premature babies may need to stay in the hospital longer or may have more health problems than babies born full term.  Full term means you baby is born between 39 weeks and 40 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy.
Progesterone shots may help prevent premature birth for some women.  Pregnant women with a previous preterm birth are encouraged to talk with their provider to see if progesterone shots are right for them.
What is Progesterone?
Progesterone is a hormone.  Hormones are chemicals made by the body.
Progesterone plays a key role during pregnancy.  In early pregnancy, it helps a woman's uterus (womb) grow and keeps it from having contractions.  Contractions early on in pregnancy may lead to a miscarriage.  A miscarriage is the death of a baby in the womb before 20 weeks of pregnancy.  In later pregnancy, progesterone helps a woman's breasts get ready to make breast milk.  It also helps the woman's lungs to work harder to give oxygen to the growing baby inside their womb.
There are two types of progesterone treatment:
  • Vaginal progesterone which may help reduce the risk for premature birth if a woman has a short cervix and is pregnant with just one baby
  • Progesterone shots may help reduce the risk of premature birth if the woman has had a premature birth in the past and is pregnancy with just one baby
Women receiving the progesterone treatment, start getting the hormone between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy every week until they are 37 weeks.
Did you know? 
Taking 17P increases a woman's chances of having a full-term baby in their subsequent pregnancy by about 33%.  Women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant should talk with their provider to see if progesterone treatment is right for them!
Mothers and Babies Course

Many of you have heard us speak about the Mothers and Babies course that our Healthy Start Service Providers are in the process of receiving training in.  The following is a description of the program and you will see that this empowers our Healthy Start Service Providers to help mom in changing her thoughts and behaviors to help with her mood.

The Mothers and Babies (MB) Course is a postpartum depression prevention intervention.  The MB Course is based on principles of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and attachment theory.  A basic way of defining CBT is that it attempts to change a person's cognitions (thoughts) and behaviors to improve their mood.  A basic way of defining attachment theory is that the quality of relationship a child forms with his/her primary caregiver (usually the mother) during infancy has sustained effect on that child's behavior.  The three main components of CBT are as follows:
  1. Pleasant Activities
  2. Thoughts
  3. Contact with Others
The MB Course is, therefore, divided into three sections - one on each of these CBT components.  In each of the sections, participants are first taught to understand how the component influences her mood.  This teaching of the relationships between CBT components and mood is referred to as psychoeducation.  In addition to psychoeducation, participants also receive concrete skills in each of the three sections (pleasant activities, thoughts, and contact with others).  These skills are intended to provide participants with a "toolkit" of approaches they can use to improve their mood.
Elements of attachment theory are also integrated into the MB Course.  Throughout the curriculum there is an emphasis on highlighting how parents can develop and strengthen a positive and affectionate bond with their baby.  The curriculum does this by making connections between the CBT components and the development of positive and affectionate bonding between mother and infant.

Coalition Updates  
Board Membership
Please contact Heather Hollingsworth if you have someone interested in becoming a Board Director.  We are currently looking for representation from the community and consumer categories.

Enterprise Foundation Grant
Healthy Start of North Central Florida, Inc., was recently awarded a $1,000 Enterprise Foundation Grant to purchase car seats for Healthy Start participants in need.  This grant is a great way for the rental car company and the Healthy Start program to collaborate together to keep our smallest passengers safe while riding in a motor vehicle.  Thank you Enterprise for your support and willingness to collaborate with us on this very important cause.

HSNCF is on AmazonSmile
Did you know that you can donate to Healthy Start of North Central Florida just by shopping on Amazon?  Want to know how?  Just use the following link and continue to shop as you normally would.  For every purchase made using this link, Amazon will donate a percentage to the Coalition at no additional cost to you.  How cool is that?  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3118984

Approved 2017-2018 Meeting Schedule
Please click here to print a copy of our meeting schedule.
2017-2018 Slate of Officers
Congratulations to our newly elected officers for the 2017-2018 contract year!  We look forward to working with you all.
President - Sarah Catalanotto
Vice President - Mary Peoples-Sheps
Secretary - Isadora Del Vecchio
Treasurer - Amanda Elliott

March of Dimes Community Team Meeting
On Thursday, May 24th, the first annual March of Dimes Community Team meeting was held to discuss the disparity in preterm birth rates in Alachua County.  We had representation from Healthy Start, Healthy Families, WellFlorida Council, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority's Stork Nest, UF Health at Shands OBGYN, Pediatrics and Financial Services, the University of Florida, March of Dimes, Alachua County Health Department -WIC, MIECHV, Suwannee River Area Health Education Center, the School of Traditional Midwifery and more!  WellFlorida Council generously agreed to send staff, Lindsey Redding, Director of Community Initiatives at WellFlorida Council, facilitated the meeting. Outcomes of the meeting included the completion of a SWOT analysis and the development of an action plan to improve the preterm birth rates in Alachua County and reduce the disparity that exists.  It was a great meeting and just the beginning of another great collaborative group!
Rotaract Club Donates 3,000 Packages of Diapers
The Rotaract Club of St. Johns River State College collected nearly 3,000 packages of diapers to benefit the Healthy Start of North Central Florida Coalition.  We are so appreciative of the students' efforts to help our families with such an essential need, such as diapers.  On behalf of our Healthy Start families, we thank you! 
Congressman Ted Yoho Visits MIECHV Family in Alachua County
Congressman, Ted Yoho, accepted our invitation to participate in a home visit with one of our Alachua County MIECHV families on Monday, June 5th.  The Congressman and a staff member were accompanied by Parents As Teachers Educator, Shannon Brandt to the Tubb family home.  They  eagerly shared their positive experience in the program and the support it has given them in raising their three children.  Anytime a state or federal representative is interested in learning more about our programs, we welcome the opportunity.
Pictured above: Congressman Ted Yoho (center) and Shannon Brandt, Parents As Teachers Education (right holding child) with the Tubb family on June 5, 2017.
MIECHV Coordinated Intake & Referral Program Update  
For the past six months the Healthy Start Coalition has been partnering with more than 20 different government and community agencies to implement the Coordinated Intake and Referral program in Alachua County. Our Family Partner, Carolina Rueda has been doing an amazing job linking families that have newborns and/or young children to the supports and services they need. Through CI&R, Carolina has connected more than 115 families to the resources and programs that would help them and their children. In addition, on May 15th we had an opportunity to welcome the newest member of our CI&R team, Julie Mishoe to this project. Julie is in the Masters of Social Work program at FSU and is doing her internship with us until December 15th. Julie spent the first month of her internship shadowing Carolina and meeting with many of our community partners and she is now working with Carolina and our partners at UF-Health Shands in the Mom/Baby Unit, Children's Medical Services and Women's Health Group. We are very fortunate to have her join our CI&R team, she has a passion for helping moms, babies and families with young children and is a wonderful asset to this project.
Unfortunately, Carolina Rueda will be leaving the CI&R project at the end of August. She is beginning graduate school and plans to go on to medical school so she can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of families with young children. Carolina has helped make the CI&R project successful in ways we could never have imagined. She has created amazing partnerships with all the providers at each site, as well as with our community partners. She is always thinking of new ways to better serve the families in our community and her passion for creating sustainable positive change in so inspiring! We will miss having Carolina's involvement in our project on a full-time basis, but we hope to bring her back for smaller projects where we can use her expertise and skills.
The CI&R grant funding will end on September 30, 2017 and we look forward to the next phase. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Alachua County Board of County Commission through the Children's Services Advisory Board to begin developing the NewboRN Home Visiting Program (NHVP) in Alachua County. The NHVP will provide each Alachua County resident who delivers at a hospital, birthing center or at home in Alachua County an opportunity to receive one home visit from a registered nurse or licensed midwife. The nurse or midwife will meet with the mom, newborn and other caregivers to assess medical issues as well as social and emotional issues. In addition, they will also determine if families may need any additional services. If they do a Family Partner will provide those families with short-term case management. The purpose of this wonderful new program is to provide families with the support and assistance they may need as they transition their baby home after delivery. We know how challenging being a parent can be and we are hopeful that this program will help many parents get the support and assistance they may not have known how to access otherwise.

The Healthy Start Team

Sarah Catalanotto
Suwannee River Area Health Education Center
Vice President
Mary Peoples-Sheps
Community Representative
Isadora Del Vecchio
March of Dimes
Amanda Elliott
SWAG Family Resource Center

Cathy Winfrey
Healthy Families ACUB

Rev. Tommy Rodgers
Bethlehem Baptist Church

Sharon Surrency
Partnership for Strong Families


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Coalition Screening Rates
17P Treatment Prevention
Mothers and Babies
Coalition Updates
The Healthy Start Team
From the Director
That's a wrap!  Our 2016-2017 contract year has come to a close and now we embark on the 2017-2018 contract year.
In this new year, we will be working on the development and implementation of the new Healthy Start system of Care. A major focus will be the creation of a Coordinated Intake and Referral (CI&R) System. The purpose of CI&R is to maximize intake and improve linkages of services for pregnant women and infants to participate in home visiting programs. We will see collaboration at its best as we work together to develop algorithms and decision trees to determine what program best fits each participants' needs.

It's going to be a great year and I look forward to working with each of you!  Enjoy the rest of your summer and we'll see you in September!

Thank you,
Julie Moderie, MPH
Program Director

Care Coordinator Meeting
Fri., Aug 4th @ 9:30 AM
WellFlorida Council

Executive Committee  Meeting - CANCELLED
Thurs., Aug 17th @ 2:00 PM
WellFlorida Council
Service Provider Council Meeting
Thurs., Sept 21st @ 1:00 PM
WellFlorida Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Thurs., Sept 21st @ 2:00 PM
WellFlorida Council

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