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July 2016





Florence Jameson, M.D.
Founder & Chair
Christine Petersen, M.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Shiroff, M.D.
Vice President

Gard Jameson
Treasurer & C0-founder

Miriam Bar-on, M.D.

Randy Garcia
Board Member
Richard Goeglein
Board Member

Matthew Milone, Esq.
  Board Member

Kathleen Murphey-Jones
Board Member

Aron Rogers, D.O.
Board Member

Sandee Tiberti
Board Member

Cortney S. Warren, PhD
Board Member

Lydia Wyatt, D.D.S.
Board Member

Amy Schmidt, MSW
 Executive Director
Rebecca Edgeworth, M.D.
Medical Director
Shari Bridges, MBA
Director of Philanthropy

Tabitha Pederson, MSW
Social Services Director

Dian Ward, RN
Nursing Director

Jennifer Mendez, RN
Nursing Manager

Lisa Curran
Volunteer Director

Ruthie Howard
Clinic Manager

Esther Green
  Development Manager

Maria Rum
Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Hall
Senior Front Desk Coordinator

Janette Gonzalez
Front Desk Coordinator

Regina Hanson, MA
Development Associate

Ramona-Lisa Johnson
Dental Coordinator

Lisa Harris
Managing Pharmacist

Camilla Martinez-Ramirez
Senior Pharm Tech

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Dr. Jameson on PBS
April 18, 2016


Dental Program/KTNV Channel 13
February 2016

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Amy Schmidt, Executive Director
Ruffin Family Clinic
Founder's Message 

Dr. Florence Jameson

Let's Celebrate our Greatest year of Compassion and Productivity !

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (VMSN), Paradise Park and Ruffin Family Clinic, are free and charitable clinics, that provide healthcare for the uninsured in Southern Nevada. VMSN is their safety net! Free and charitable clinics are neighbors helping neighbors. Please read the story below about Katherain & Patrick H.  who fell on hard times through no faul t of their own.

Thanks to the  incredible volunteers, staff, and community collaborators,  the Hargraves are being provided a life raft until they can secure private insurance or Medicare. VMSN just completed its 2015 - 2016 fiscal year, with record-breakin g results! The number of people and the many different ways in which we are serving them is phenomenal. Beyond medical services, they are receiving  necessary diagnostic tests, much-needed medications, dental and social services, and much more. These services are provided by volunteers and students, in medical careers, who are seeking a community outreach opportunity to serve their neighbors.

In our fiscal year end ing in June 2016 we have over 500 volunteers that provided over 33,605 number of volunteer hours!
In the last seven months of the fiscal year, VMSN's educational hours for residents, medical students, PA students, nursing students, pharmacy students and medical assistants was nearly 8,000 hours.
Last year ,VMSN provided a record-breaking 7,086 patient visits.  This did not include social service encounters and dental visits. This was a 62% increase in patient visits from the prior year when we provided 4,375 medical visits.

The recently opened Dental Clinic has already served more than 50 of our patients in desperate need of oral health services!  Our Social Service Department, which opened this year, has already seen over 100 patients.  We have actively engaged to help them w ith serious issues such as care coordination and major life stressors including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
The need is great in Southern Nevada and Volunteers in Medicine with its amazing collaborative partners, is rising up to meet that need with quality service and compassion. Volunteers in Medicine is a demonstration project of compassion. Since opening in 2010 VMSN has provided nearly 30,000 patients visits. Thank You!
Patient Testimonial
 Katherain & Patrick H.
Ruffin Family Clinic, June, 2016
Patrick and Katherain moved to Vegas from Jersey in 1979. It is their home. It is where they raised their children and now grandchildren. But their golden years have turned out to be not so golden. They have found themselves in their early 60's and unemployed. Too young for social security or Medicare, they have no healthcare coverage. This is a scary situation for anyone but especially grandparents who are aging and enduring all that that process brings.

Volunteer Highlight:

Ashley Davitt, Volunteer 

Ashley has been volunteering with us since 2015. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in May 2015 with a B.S. in Bio-Medical Sciences. She is currently applying to medical schools.
"Healthcare is more than diagnosing an illness or writing a prescription. Building a strong personal connection allows for a sense of trust between patient and healthcare provider, which is only possible through genuine care and kindness. A Physician's Assistant I scribed for at VSMN had a way of connecting with his patients and making them feel comfortable during consults. I specifically remember one day when several patients thanked him for his genuine compassion. Working with medical professionals who truly and deeply care about their patients demonstrated to me the characteristics and qualities I wish to embody as a healthcare provider."~Ashley Davitt
Ashley also spent nine months in the Dominican Republic honing her Spanish as well as, caring for patients last year. She will be returning July 6, 2016. We wish her great success in continuing a "culture of caring".
Coming Up:

Our next volunteer activity is planned for August 18th at the Super Summer Theatre. We are taking a group to see "Bring It On ~ the Musical." We would like to invite you to join us! To purchase tickets click on the link below.

Saving Lives and Enhancing Smiles

In the first two months of service, our new dental program has provided $9,862.00 worth of care to our patients in need! May we continue to grow and meet the necessities of our community.