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June 2016

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February 22, 2016



Cancer Survivor Month
Cancer is a disease that has touched most of our lives in some form or fashion. It is scary, challenging, and often exhausting.

Fortunately, it is not always a death sentence. Often it can remind us that we are not alone. Below you will find a link to affirmations written by cancer survivors.

Cancer Survivors: Words of Inspiration. 

Florence Jameson, M.D.
Founder & Chair

Christine Petersen, M.D.
Chief Operating Officer

Robert Shiroff, M.D.
Vice President

Gard Jameson
Treasurer & C0-founder

Miriam Bar-on, M.D.

Randy Garcia
Board Member

Richard Goeglein
Board Member

Matthew Milone, Esq.
Board Member

Kathleen Murphey-Jones
Board Member

Aron Rogers, D.O.
Board Member

Sandee Tiberti
Board Member

Cortney S. Warren, PhD
Board Member

Lydia Wyatt, D.D.S.
Board Member

June is Men's Health Month!

Founder's Message 

Dr. Florence Jameson
Have you ever asked yourself, how long will I live? How long will I walk on this earth, stand beneath the luminescent moon, or feel the wind across my face?  How long will I be here for my loved ones, friends, and children?  How much time do I have to help them, to share their joy and pain, to laugh with them, to wipe their tears away, to just be here for them?

How long you live depends if you live in poverty, whether you have access to health care or not. A shortened life span doesn't just happen in Third World countries.  Here, in Las Vegas 1 in 6 live in poverty.

A recent article in Journal of American Medical Association revealed that if you live in Nevada and if you are poor you have one of the shortest life spans in America, if you are a woman living in poverty in Nevada you have the shortest life span in America.
Family USA says, people die prematurely in Las Vegas because they do not have access to healthcare. They are placed in a body bag, taken to the morgue, toe-tagged as a natural death from a stroke, a heart attack or complications of untreated diabetes, or die prematurely because they did not get a cancer screening, often it could have been prevented or diagnosed sooner.

At VMSN we believe every life is of infinite value, that every man, woman and child has a right to a healthy, productive and as long a life as possible.  We reach out every day to give the gift of health, provide a life raft to those who often through no fault of their own fall on hard times and are struggling to survive, often fighting for their lives. 

Please read our patient story below on Pastor Fernando Jiminez to see how VMSN was there for him when he needed someone! Thank you for saving his life and helping him continue to be with his loved ones and serve his congregation! 

Bless You!
        Patient Testimonial


 Pastor Fernando Jimenez

Ruffin Clinic, May 12, 2006

Mr. Jimenez is a 63 year old pastor for the Good Shepherd Baptist Church here in Las Vegas. He has been a member of our community for 25 years.  Having been a plumber for almost 30 years and a minister for 18 years, Pastor Jimenez transitioned into the ministry full-time in 2008. Because his church is small, his salary is minimal. Health insurance lags behind other basic necessities such as food, rent, and utilities.

Mr. Jimenez began to feel tired a few months ago and felt the need to see a doctor. His options were grossly limited. He saw our TV commercial and made an appointment for our Paradise Park location. He was wise to seek out care when he did. His body was battling colon cancer. Our doctors were able to intervene on his behalf and obtain healthcare coverage for him through the Governor's office. In addition, we have provided him with medication to ensure healthier colon activity. His new healthcare coverage begins in June. Should he require radiation or chemotherapy he will be able to obtain those treatments under his new coverage.

Fernando's family includes 3 children ages 30, 35, and 38 as well as 6 grandchildren ranging in ages from 1-20. With tears in his eyes this minister said, "I am very grateful for all the help VMSN has given me. Without this program I would have ended up in the emergency room, too late for help." Our culture of caring has allowed this minister to not only continue to care for his family, but his parishioners as well. He is a guiding light in our community as well as a pillar of strength and compassion to his congregation. We wish him many healthy years to come.
           Volunteer Highlight


On June 2, our volunteer Celia Hernandez graduated from high school! Celia Hernandez plans to become a licensed medical interpreter. She has been a great asset to us already, as she has acted as an interpreter at VMSN on many an occasion.


 Her volunteerism has helped her determine her future career path. Congratulations Celia! We couldn't be more thrilled for you.

       Staff Spotlight    



As the Dental Health Services Coordinator, I administer and Coordinate the comprehensive Dental Health Services Program, preventive and educational dental needs of our patients. I have a Bachelors in Healthcare Administrative Management and Certifications in Dental Technology, Dental Assisting and Dental Radiology. I have had the pleasure of helping so many patients in the last 7 years that I have been working in the dental field. I have a passion for my patients and I feel that " It's rewarding at the end of each day to know I am working to improve the overall oral health for each patient in our Clinic."
We believe that education and prevention are the ultimate keys to maintaining good oral health. We would not be able to operate this wonderful dental program if we did not have the support of so many hardworking, dedicated and outstanding volunteer dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, residents, and dental students that come from all over the Valley. We here at the VMSN Dental Clinic are so fortunate that we will be able to provide our patients with the ability to rebuild and help maintain good oral health throughout their lives.