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MARCH 2016



Florence Jameson, M.D. Founder & Chair


Christine Petersen, M.D., Chief Operating Officer


Robert Shiroff, M.D.

Vice President


Gard Jameson

Treasurer & C0-founder


Miriam Bar-on, M.D.



Randy Garcia

Board Member


Richard Goeglein

Board Member


Matthew Milone, Esq.

  Board Member


Kathleen Murphey-Jones

Board Member


Aron Rogers, D.O.

Board Member


Sandee Tiberti

Board Member


Cortney S. Warren, PhD

Board Member


Lydia Wyatt, D.D.S.

Board Member




"Take care of your body,

it's the only place you have to live." 





Amy Schmidt, MSW
 Executive Director
Rebecca Edgeworth, M.D.
Medical Director
Shari Bridges, MBA
Director of Philanthropy

Tabitha Pederson, MSW
Social Services Director

Dian Ward, RN
Nursing Director

Lisa Curran
Volunteer Director

Ruthie Howard
Clinic Manager

Esther Green
  Development Manager

Maria Rum
Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Hall
Front Desk Coordinator

Regina Hanson
Development Associate

Andrea Eghterafi
EMR Coordinator

Lisa Harris
Managing Pharmacist

Camilla Martinez-Ramirez
Senior Pharm Tech

Jonear  Sims
Pharm Tech

Shawn Jensen
PAP Coordinator




Have you had a chance to tour our new Ruffin Family Clinic?  We are open Monday through Friday and would love to schedule a personal tour with you.  Come by and see for yourself the wonderful work our Volunteers are doing for the uninsured in our Community!  Call our Development Department at (702) 912-0020 today.
Founder's Message 

Dr. Florence Jameson

How have you helped  
the under-served today?
Volunteers in Medicine Southern Nevada would not be possible without the hundreds of caring volunteers committed to helping the under-served in our community. Our volunteers are the heart of the Clinic. Our patients during a routine clinic visit will often encounter about a dozen volunteers. It starts at the front door with a greeter, and then usually includes interactions with an eligibility screener, interpreter, a front desk clerk, a medical assistant, a nurse, a physician, a scribe, a pharmacist and pharmacy technician, scheduler and others.
On average,  26 volunteers work various clinic shifts per day. Each year over 450 physicians, registered nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, nutritionists, mental health and social service professionals, as well as lay volunteers make the decision to dedicate their time and their talents to Volunteers in Medicine, Southern Nevada. If you were to visit our clinic, which I invite you to do, and listen to the stories of our patients, you would drink deeply of the cup of human sorrow. This does not discourage the volunteers who come with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts and boundless enthusiasm to care for their sick and financially challenged neighbors.
Medical Volunteer:  Sonia Riley Making a Difference 

"Volunteers in Medicine has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had since becoming a nurse.  I have been volunteering at VMSN for almost a year, and seeing the gratitude and smiles on the patients' faces lets me know that I am making a difference in their lives.   I am proud to be a part of the team helping to make a difference in the community." 
Sonia Riley, RN - Medical  Volunteer

Sonia volunteers several times a week performing vitals and educating our patients on their health.  With a lovely smile and caring attitude, VMSN and our Patients are so grateful to have Sonia as part of the VMSN Volunteer Team.  Thank you, Sonia!
Shining a light on VMSN front desk volunteer: Jenny Petkova

"My favorite thing about volunteering at VMSN is the environment, it's very relaxed and everyone here is super nice. I also love the fact that we're given the opportunity to work our way up. In a lot of places you remain a certain type of volunteer for the entire duration of your volunteering. I like how at VMSN you can start off at the front desk and have the opportunity to work your way up to scribe. I think it's an incentive to work hard."
Jenny Petkova, Front Desk Volunteer
Jenny is one of our dynamic front desk volunteers who aims to work her way up to volunteering as a medical scribe. On a daily basis, Jenny helps schedule appointments for patients and makes sure everything up front is running smoothly. VMSN wouldn't be able to run without the work of our many volunteers. Thank you, Jenny!
You Can Help Us Help Others
Our community needs VMSN and our dedicated volunteers  to keep people healthy, working, and leading productive lives. You can be part of helping VMSN fill this need. Your gift will make a significant difference in the life of a woman, man, child, or family in our community . 

Donate or volunteer today!

A Life Raft Just in Time

Louis H. is a 46 year old man who has been coming to VMSN for 3 years.
When the economic downhill happened, he was unable to pay for his private insurance and became diagnosed with  Type 2 diabetes. Under the guidance of Dr. Edgeworth at the clinic, he was able to lose weight and gain the medication needed to help control his diabetes.
"I don't know what I would have done if I had not found VMSN because I literally had nowhere else to go. I am especially grateful for the volunteers who give us their services here. You can see that their help comes from the heart and you can feel their passion for giving back."  Louis says.  He feels comfortable coming to a clinic where volunteers readily want to help you out.

At VMSN, our Culture of Caring is just as important as the medical care that patients like Louis receive.
     VMSN Staff Member Highlight
Maria Rum
 Volunteer Coordinator

"VMSN is a miracle of an organization. Working for VMSN is a dream come true for me because I see the good in this world every single day. Volunteers and staff walk through our doors with smiles on their faces ready to make a difference. Our health is the most precious gift and because of VMSN our patients are finally able to get the care they truly deserve. As Volunteer Coordinator, I look forward to growing with VMSN and seeing our clinic grow and help all those that need our services."
Media Review
Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Rachel Aston profiled Albert Yasbick, a Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada patient who relies on VMSN's  free medical services to treat his Parkinson's. Albert does not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford health insurance via the Affordable Care Act. Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada serves as a medical safety net for individuals like Albert. Take a look at a look at Albert's story.


8th Annual Volunteers in Medicine Ball

Saturday, October 1, 2016
The Venetian | The Palazzo
   Join Volunteers in Medicine for our
8th Annual
Volunteers in Medicine Ball.
Early Sponsorship, Auction Items and Pledges are being accepted now!  Contact our Development Department at (702) 912-0020 today!
On March 10,  VMSN took part in  Nevada's Big Give!  Many of you partnered with us to raise the funds needed to help with our VMSN Patient Emergency Care, Equipment and Supply needs.  
On behalf of our Volunteers, Staff and our wonderful patients