September 2010
Fitness & Wellness Tips From Your Neighborhood Trainers
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As you get settled in for some cooler months, here are some health tips from some NeighborhoodTrainers.

Healthy Tips from Cherry Reins....
Cherry Reins, Personal Trainer

To insure your fitness goals are met simply follow four simple (not necessarily easy) suggestions:

1) Move enough. Work out, dance, take a yoga class.
2) Watch your food portions. Don't deprive yourself, but leave a little bit.

3) Get enough rest. Your body needs to recover, and it needs sleep to do so..

4) Have Fun!!

"Get Moving" Tips From Joshua Margolis....
Joshua Margolis, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Work out with friends;

When you set a date to meet a friend in the gym or park, right away you establish accountability. Your friend is counting on you and more importantly looking forward to the workout, sort of like a "Grownup Play Date". Like most things it's always better when with a buddy.

Try different activities;

Can you imagine performing the same discipline over and over and over again, you'll start to feel like a broken record. Switch It Up, variety being the spice of life. Your body will start to plateau if you do the same routine over and over again, lessening its effects.

Play team sports;

Remember kickball as a kid, what about little league? In case you've forgotten they're still fun; "Return to Youth" and join a sports league. Besides many of these leagues are co-ed, you might make a new friend or even more, you won't know till you try.

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