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Healthy at Home Resources for April 6th-10th
The Food Guide Digital Scavenger Hunt
The Food Guide Digital Scavenger Hunt is a ready-to-print activity that encourages students to critically assess media headlines and consider whether they accurately reflect Canada’s dietary guidelines.

Grades 6-12. Check it out
Active for Life KidActive App
Active for Life’s KidActive app helps to build a child’s physical literacy. It includes 50+ fun and easy activities that you can do with children to develop their fundamental movement skills

Grades K-3. Check it out.
The Working Mind
Building self-care into your daily or weekly routine can help improve resilience and help prevent burnout. The Working Mind is a printable guide that you can use to create a self-care plan.

For Staff & Parents. Check it out.
Calm in My Bones
This lesson plan, adaptable for home learning, introduces students to the fight-flight-freeze response through educational videos produced by Anxiety Canada.

Grades 4-7. Check it out.
Fun Friday Activity
Pocket Plant Activity
Looking for a fun way to grow food with children? Disconnect from tech, reconnect with nature, and spring into the growing season with DASH’s Pocket Plant Video. This activity is suitable for all ages.

Watch for Step 2 of our Pocket Plant Video
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