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Is healthy eating quietly killing us?
A Belgian couple is scheduled to face a judge for inadvertently starving their infant in 2014 by feeding him a nutritionally insufficient vegan diet. Tragic as it is, the case is not isolated. The dirty little secret behind today's fashionable diets is they may be bringing back some old diseases society thought it had beat. Here's what they're not telling you. 
It just got worse for the organic marketers
Hard on the heels of our report last year criticizing the organic-food industry for over-hyping the health benefits of their products comes another study that kicks another fundamental belief out from under organic marketing. Stand back, grocers, you might get splashed with the organic.
Do people have a right to food? Let's ask Venezuela
The National Public Radio show host was incredulous when he couldn't convince this Nebraska representative to agree to what's become a basic political tenant: that Americans have a basic right to be fed. A few reasons it's not as black and white as it may seem.
Grilling season is on; here's the outlook
Now that summer grilling season is full on, here's the supply outlook for the most important meat items going onto those backyard barbecues. 
Spend a morning with the best dirt judges in the state
You don't have to be a farm kid to love the art and science of competitive "soil judging," but it doesn't hurt. Watch as this group of University of Nebraska at Lincoln students compete for top honors in diagnosing dirt. In just under an hour, the students must analyze the content and quality of soil in a particular area. Here, they hone their skills near Pawnee Lake.   
Craig Ferguson, Fathers Day and 'love beyond reason'
Take a few minutes to enjoy this heartwarming 2015 eulogy to his father by late-night comedian Craig Ferguson, as he remembers the lesson his dad taught him about love of country, love of job and love of family--all "love beyond reason." And then go call your dad.
A special tribute to fathers...and farmers
Kathy_s Commentary
Father's Day is right around the corner, and we extend a hearty congratulations to fathers across the nation. It's their special day to be thanked and honored for all they do. Fathers built this nation by teaching their children honor, truthfulness and integrity. My Dad was a farmer/rancher and he taught me that anything is possible. Just focus - then do it. He's been gone for over 30 years, but there isn't a day goes by that I don't think of him and what he taught me about taking responsibility for my actions and helping others whenever possible. He was a great man and left this world having taught his children the satisfaction in a good day's work, the feeling of pride when a job has been well done and the gratefulness in being able to accomplish  both. He was like many farmers/ranchers today in that he viewed his role as a steward of the land and a caretaker of the animals he raised. I believe there is a special place in heaven for all fathers .... and farmers. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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