Volume 5| May 2019
JanineTheMachine May 2019 Newsletter
This month's issue features a Core Challenge for Spring, Our recipe of the month is a delicious Energy Bar. Read about how to incorporate Healthy Daily Habits into your busy schedule. Zumba class highlighted. Class schedule update: Pilates now EVERY Friday!
Spring Session is under way - Click here for registration form
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Mix and match classes as much as you like
Walk-ins always welcome - $10
Get unlimited classes for the price of 4 weekly classes!!
First class always Free!
**Pilates class now every Friday at 5:15**
April-June 2019 Class Schedule
(Please note there are no classes May 17-24 as I'll be away)

  • Monday 8am/5pm Zumba/Tone 
  • Monday 5:50pm Stretch 
  • Tuesday 8am/5pm Strong*
  • Tuesday 9am Stretch*
  • Tuesday 6:00pm Barre with Pilates
  • Wednesday 8am Zumba/tone
  • Wednesday 9am Stretch  
  • Thursday 8am Barre with Pilates
  • Thursday 10:15am Zumba Gold -*Senior Center*
  • Thursday 5:00pm Zumba/Tone
  • Thursday 5:50pm Stretch 
  • Friday 8am Strong 
  • Friday 5:15pm Pilates
  • Saturday 8am Zumba/Tone

*No morning classes on the first Tuesday of each month*
Zumba/Zumba Tone
Join us for the Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness-party. Feel the music and let loose for this 45 minute class. Zumba Toning takes regular Zumba to a new level as it incorporates light weight, maraca-like toning sticks to enhance your workout and tone your body. 

Offering 5 weekly classes:
Monday 8am and 5pm
Wednesday 8am
Thursday 5pm
Saturday 8am

Recipe of the month:
These sweet and delicious bars are a great alternative to the packaged cereal and energy bars you can buy. Packed with all kinds of good ingredients, at around 200 calories each it's a great after workout snack.

  • Mon May 6 30 Russian twist
  • Tue May 7 30 Superman
  • Wed May 8 30 Crunches
  • Thu May 9 30 Bird dogs
  • Fri May 10 30 Bicycles
  • Sat May 11 30 Push ups
  • Sun May 12 30 Swimmers

ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING. On land or in the Pool!!! Summer is coming.

A great way to begin or maintain your overall health and fitness. Nutrition advice offered and personalized fitness plans. Flexible hours including weekends.

  • Starting your day with glass of lemon water
  • Eat a great breakfast
  • Oil pulling for teeth/gum health
  • Getting enough daily
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Hyaluronic acid moisturizing syrum
  • Anti Wrinkle night cream
  • Home made hand cut soaps
  • Chocolate mint chapstick
  • Scented candles
  • Natural hair spray

J ust a few of the items available to order. Click link above for details and prices.