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December 2017
Healthy for the Holidays
Tips to keep positive and balanced
The holiday season can be one of the most joyous times of the year and yet also a difficult time for many. Remember to take care of yourself, keep things simple and reach out to friends and family to keep the holidays happy.  Here are some more tips to help make your holidays happy:

Moderate Your Merriment        
Try to eat and drink in moderation. Don't berate yourself if you get off your normal schedule.  Just acknowledge you're human and get back on track and move on from there.

Dr. Helen Story
A board member's passionate and personal connection to mental health
You've been in a few places around the country.  How did you end up here?
I applied for a number of community hospital Family Practice residencies, and ended up matching with Mercy (now St. Anthony Family Medicine).  After a few years in North Dakota for my husband's Public Health Service obligation we moved back to Denver, where I joined some colleagues from residency to go into private practice.
What do you like most about being in Colorado?
I love the sunshine.  I grew up in Stillwater County, Montana, where the weather is very similar to Denver.  Living in Minnesota and North Dakota made me really appreciate the moderate seasons and the reliable sunshine
You're a member of our Board of Directors.  Why are you passionate about being a involved with Jefferson Center for mental health?
I have always treated mental health conditions in my practice, which taught me how hard it is to get through life for people who have chronic depression, anxiety, ADD, previous trauma, etc.  Also, my husband and I have 4 adopted children, who have had various mental health conditions.  Their experiences have made it clear that it takes a village.  This has made me passionate about bringing organized resources to people (and their families) who are struggling with mental illnesses.
Since we're in the end of the year and holiday crunch, as a physician, what are your 2-3 best tips to help people keep the holidays happy?
My best tips are: schedule downtime, don't feel you have to attend every minute of every festivity.  Spend quality time with your family and friends.  Avoid TV commercials.  Do less shopping and more experiencing.    Remember the holidays don't need to be perfect. You get another chance next year.  And don't forget to enjoy any fudge that comes your way. 
The 2018 Art of Hope Calendar
Breaking the stigma through client creativeness
Jefferson Center for Mental Health is pleased to share its 2018 Art of Hope calendar!  This is the 12th year that we proudly present this calendar to our friends and community as we strive to continue to increase awareness and reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness and substance use. When stigma fades, more people will seek care.
Each client whose artwork is featured in this calendar has their own story to tell... stories of recovery, resilience, and strength.  More than 160 works of art were submitted this year from 51 artists of all ages.  Their passion, creativity and hope shine through.
The Art of Hope calendar is our way of saying thanks to our community for your support. Stop by any of our locations to pick one up or contact Melissa at 303-432-5156 or MelissaS@jcmh.org .
Help is available when you or someone you know is in crisis

Jefferson Center is a partner of Colorado Crisis Services. This 24/7, state-wide crisis network offers a hotline, walk-in centers and mobile services throughout the state, for any mental health, substance use or emotional crisis.

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