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Spring. Oaxaca City - March 2018

Happy May! I'm excited to share what's happening in the near future!

I am honored to be speaking at  Hear Me Now June 23rd in Austin, Texas. Overcoming Odds in an INCREDIBLE organization and the founder Oleg Lougheed is an absolute inspiration. Oleg is creating what will 
definitely be an event to remember. 
 If you are part of the adoption and/or foster care community, I invite you to get your ticket and join me! I can assure you, we'll have some fun in Austin!


This is the final month to purchase special package rates for Adoptive Parent Coaching. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information.

Are you an adoptive parent with questions?
"When should we start talking about adoption?" 
"How do we talk about our child's birth family when we don't have 
all of the answers?"

"I can see my son is grieving his birth family. How can I help?"
"My teen just 'met' her biological sister on Facebook. Help!"
"My son's birth
"What should we do if we know a lot about our daughter's history but nothing about our son's history?"
"Our extended family doesn't really understand our  desire  for 
openness in our adoption. 
How can we help them realize how important this is for us?"
These are just a few questions I frequently get from adoptive parents worldwide.  I am committed to helping parents navigate difficult situations and conversations. We'll work together so you, your child's best advocate, will have the tools, language and answers to help your child connect the 
dots of their adoption story. 
Coaching is somewhat different than therapy - conversations take place in real time when parents need answers and information. 
Coaching meetings are offered in person, by phone or virtually for convenience and for those who aren't local. Please reach out with any questions you have about Adoptive Parent Coaching



Support and a sense of community are SO important. I have been asked by many people: "When are you starting a group for adult adoptees?" I've also been contacted by adoptive parents seeking support: "We would love to be a part of a group who understands what we are experiencing." 

I want you to know I'm listening!

I am starting a series of online support groups very soon. One for adult adoptees and the second for adoptive parents. Groups will meet online biweekly (every other week) for 12 weeks. Contact me if you are interested. I am limiting the adoptee group to 10 participants for each 12-week session. The adoptive parent group will also be limited to 10 individuals. This is an exciting opportunity to give and get support in the safety of a welcoming community. Contact me directly for more information.


Join us for Teen AdoptCONNECT in May!

3611 Seneca Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Teen AdoptCONNECT meets the 
of each month 
7-8:30pm in Pasadena. Our next meeting is:
May 10th, 2018 at the above address. 
This group is free but we'd appreciate an RSVP.
(You can download a flyer and registration form below.)


As always, please feel free to reach out and ask any questions about the above or anything else that's on your mind.

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With gratitude,
Lesli Johnson, MFT

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