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A Festival of New Music by Contemporary Los Angeles Composers

Hugh Levick, Artistic Director

Hear Now announces the Recipient of the

Ursula C. Krummel Commission

Arash Majd

Continuum: Cause and Effect

performed by the combined

Lyris Quartet and Brightwork Ensemble

Click on Arash's image for a performance of his "Metamorphose" from 2021.

The result was a highly expressive work unfolding through episodes grounded in intense flows of energy, thus justifying the work's title. (SF Examiner reviewing Majd's work Strenuus ("energetic"))


As we thought about the 2023 Krummel commission, we unanimously agreed that Arash Majd’s singular, dynamic and out-of-the-box approach to music was at the top of our list, and that he would write a stunning and compelling piece for the festival. -- Hugh Levick, Artistic Director

I feel honored to be selected as the recipient of the Ursula Krummel Commission! We are fortunate to have Hear Now Festival supporting Los Angeles composers! Words cannot express my excitement for this project and my gratitude to the Hear Now Festival for providing an excellent opportunity to compose for my favorite performers/people in Los Angeles.

Through the course of composing this piece [Continuum: Cause and Effect] I have learned I must release control of the process of composition and let the music flow and write itself instead of forcing the process of composition. This approach will have a relatively natural effect on the expansion and development of my music, as I allow it to unfold, change, and progress organically over time. -- Arash Majd

The Commission is named for Ursula C. Krummel with deep gratitude, whose bequest funds the commission.

Date: Sunday, April 16 at 5:00 pm

Place: 2220 Arts + Archives


Come Celebrate the Twelfth Annual

HEAR NOW Music Festival

by Contemporary Los Angeles Composers

Works of 24 composers with 12 premieres

Music plus ... Dance, Film and Art

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click on image for excerpts from Hear Now Festival 2022


Saturday, April 15 at 2pm


Ian Dicke: 86'd (2014) (W.C. premiere)

Darryl Taylor, countertenor

UCLA Philharmonia Soloists

86d is based on a patriotic song... By abstracting the original song’s text, the listener is invited to consider the words anew and ponder a fundamental question: for whom does liberty and justice serve in America?

Gabrielle Rosse: Shadows and Songs (2019)

Lyris Quartet

Inspired by Dylan Thomas’s poem, And Death Shall Have No Dominion, I could feel a perspectival shift as I took Thomas’s warrior cry to heart: nothing can break the human spirit, and I wrote Shadows and Songs.

Joseph Pereira: A Shadowy Figure Went Past (2023) (World premiere)

Joanne Pearce Martin, piano and members of Lyris Quartet

This piece explores the idea of echo and shadow figures. The title

comes from Mahler's "Shattenhaft", in the first movement of his 9th symphony, and is used as a quote in the piece.

Pin Hsin Lin: Cross the Line of Death (2022) (World premiere)

Kyle Gilmer, violin; Evgeny Tonkha, cello; Yevgeniy Milyavskiy, piano

As a musical composer, I like to tell stories through my music. To establish a beautiful soundscape, I aim to intertwine Eastern and Western

musical cultures together. 

Tomás Peire Serrate: Glimpse (2019)

Micah Wright, bass clarinet; Alyssa Park, violin; Timothy Loo, cello

The piece is built using very tiny motivic elements that often exist

at the edge of silence. Each movement contains elements,

or glimpses, of the other two.

Daniel Kessner: A Tempo (2011)

Brightwork Ensemble

While the full ensemble is used most of the time, around the middle of the piece there are three duo-cadenzas that give the players a chance to shine as soloists, and also several “windows” for improvisation, providing an optional opportunity for performers who enjoy playing freely.

Anne Le Baron: Cosmic Rose (2022) (W.C. premiere)

Rachel Constantino, horn; Alison Bjorkedal, harp

The stunning Hubble image released by NASA depicts Interacting Galaxies Arp 273, found in the constellation Andromeda. While composing this piece, the image of the rose created by these two intersecting galaxies was a lodestone for me.

Jeffrey Holmes: Thrall (Þræll) (2014) (World premiere)

Mari Kawamura, piano; Rachel Beetz, flute; Brian Walsh, bass clarinet; Shalini Vijayan, violin; Ashley Walters, cello; Scott Worthington, contrabass

The piece is in its essence a violent and dramatic work utilizing extreme virtuosity by both the piano soloist and the ensemble, and is built from a balance of structural integrity and emotional expression, that together create an intense and constantly varied landscape of sound.


2220 Arts + Archives

2220 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

Map & Directions

Venue information


Thursday, April 13 at 8pm




João Pedro Oliviera: Towdah (2009) (W.C. premiere)

Dante De Silva: Mr. Distinguished (2011)

Anuj Bhutani: To the Lighthouse (2019) (W.C. premiere)

Corey Dundee: ...remnants... (2019)

Liviu Marinescu: Echoes (2009)

Nick Norton: Snow Crystals on Sagebrush (2022) (World premiere)

Friday, April 14 at 8pm.


(Composer/Collaborating Artist)

Brandon J. Rolle/Christopher Richmond:

TRASH MOON (2022) (World premiere) - Film

Daniel Newman-Lessler/Mady Thornquest:

an echo that doesn't rhyme (2022) - Dance

Russell Steinberg/Jerry Kearns/Amanda Tiller:

Paleface: The Myths Underlying the American Narrative - (2017)

Filmed Original Art

Hugh Levick/Storyboard P:

Otherwise (2022) (World premiere) -


Sunday, April 16 at 5pm


Vera Ivanova: Still Images (2008)

William Kraft: Quartet for the Love of Time (1987)

Joan Huang: Eighteen Melodies for Hu-jia (2022)

Carolyn Chen: Our Glass Bodies (2016) (US Premiere)

Peter Knell: Selections from ARKHIPOV (2022)

Arash Majd: Continuum: Cause & Effect (2022) (World premiere)

Ursula Krummel Commission

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