December 18th, 2018 • The MLO Minute
We are fortunate to serve such wonderful families every day!
Michael Connolly, Esq.
“I highly recommend Michael Connolly! He is an excellent attorney and a great person who represents clients who often cannot speak for themselves. We would use his services again if ever the need arises!” –E.Z.

“Mr. Connolly was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. We felt completely supported through the entire process and were very satisfied. We would absolutely recommend Mr. Connolly and McAndrews Law Offices to anyone in need of help with special education services for their child. Thank you -- You saved our child’s future.” – N.G.

“I want to send a thank you note regarding both the diligent and persistent services that we had being represented by Mr. Connolly!!! We could not have gotten any better representation in this matter anywhere else. Please publicly acknowledge this. Thank you to Mr. Connolly from our family!” –M.M.
Lesley M. Mehalick, J.D., LL.M.
“Lesley, thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge. I appreciate you considering my son’s situation, and for speaking and helping me. Your guidance has been a great relief and assistance!” –B.L.

“Lesley, thank you for being so understanding towards me, and for all that you have done in helping set up my Special Needs Trust. You have helped change my life for the better, and I will be forever grateful of that.” – A.S.

Heather Hulse, J.D., M.S., M.A.
“Heather Hulse is the most down-to-earth, wonderful, easy to talk to, and compassionate attorney I have ever met. It was such an emotional time for our family and not only did she validate my concerns, she also listened to me through my tears and helped our whole family threw a very difficult time. She is like a part of the family and we are grateful for all she has done for us. A definite two-thumbs up!” -T.S.

“Working with Heather was the best experience I’ve ever had. The team work at McAndrews Law Offices is unbelievable. My children are so pleased that they now get the best care possible in school – it makes me want to cry! Thank you so very much for helping me and my children to a better life!”– G.H.
Dennis C. McAndrews, Esq.
“Through Dennis McAndrews’ knowledge, professionalism, and compassion, he gave us what we needed most at that time--HOPE. Besides his legal expertise, he united our family again and gave us the confidence that things would work out. His instincts for our case proved effective in dealing with a very obstinate school district, and he not only implemented an agreement with our school district that they would pay 100% of our son’s schooling in the West, but he negotiated a settlement whereby the district also was forced to pay all of our family’s traveling expenses when visiting our son (more than 14 trips in all). Needless to say, we owe Dennis a huge debt of gratitude. We feel that he is in the top of his field in educational law. … A happy footnote to our case: Our son graduated summa cum laude from college and has been accepted for graduate study at the University of Chicago.” – Mr. and Mrs. B

“Dennis was instrumental in helping my daughter during a difficult time in her life and I am grateful to him for that. He had a better understanding of how to deal with a troubled pre-teen than many of the educators and psychologists in my local school district. I have highly recommended him to others looking for an educational attorney.” -Anonymous

Pat Barr
Both Lesley and Pat Barr were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I truly appreciate all the assistance with establishing a Special Needs Trust and preparing our wills. –M.C. & J.D.

Caitlin McAndrews, Esq.
“Outstanding staff! The support and kindness of Caitlin and all of the staff made me feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel when fighting for my son’s rights. Thank you so much for being there for us!” –S.H.

Megan Mondschein
“Our experience with McAndrews Law Offices was fantastic! I am extremely happy with the customer service and the help Attorney Caitlin McAndrews provided us. She was very professional, replied to all our phone calls and emails. I also had a very good experience with her assistant Megan who demonstrated to be very understanding and always willing to help. Thank you for your hard work! We are extremely happy with our experience with your office!” –D.B.

Michael E. Gehring, Esq.
“As a client, Mike Gehring totally looked out for me and my family. Always gave me the best advice and I truly believe that you worked overboard to do the best for my child and family. Thank you sincerely.” –T&S.B.

“From their receptionists to their paralegals to Michael Gehring and all of the attorneys at McAndrews Law Offices, everyone was extremely friendly and so professional in dealing with our situation. They have gone over and above in helping me. Thank you!” -D.C.

April Butler
“I wanted to take the time to thank Mike Gehring for coming out and educating our staff about special education law. Mike was different than any other speaker we’ve had in the past. He held our attention, was engaging and provided very informative, useful information. Thanks to both April Butler and Mike for coordinating this!”

Joseph E. McGettigan III, Esq.
“In your legal career, there are the rare occasions when you meet truly great people. These are the lawyers with honor and dignity and tremendous skill, who make you proud to be in their presence. Mr. McGettigan, you are such a lawyer.” -J.B.

“My husband and I can’t thank Mr. McGettigan enough for your help during our family’s darkest hour.” -R.L.

Anthony L. Marone, Esq.
“I came to McAndrews Law Offices with a friend to meet Anthony Marone for the first time. While my friend has met many lawyers before, he insisted that Mr. Marone was incredibly friendly and great to work with. My friend was right! The first impression I have is very positive and we are so thankful that we got to select your law office to set up a special needs trust for our son. May God hear you in your service to humanity. Thank you!” -R.P.

“Anthony, thank you so much for all of your kind helpfulness and wise counsel! God Bless you for your help! You are so knowledgeable regarding Medicaid/VA issues.” -B.H.

Deb Patrick
“Debra Patrick and Anthony Marone were fantastic! Anthony was obviously very knowledgeable and experienced in elder care law. He was able to communicate with me in a way I could follow clearly. Response times were great. The entire experience went well.” – M.A.

Jan Hardy
“I wish I had the gift of words to adequately describe the attention, time, and care we experienced from Dennis and Jan Hardy during our seemingly impossible contest. There was so much dedication to explore and win our case. Winning the case has changed our lives forever.”-Anonymous

Anthony, Jan Hardy and everyone at McAndrews Law – thank you so much for your compassionate understanding of our situation. We appreciate your help and attention to all of the details! -D. & M. N.

Heidi B. Konkler-Goldsmith, Esq.
“McAndrews Law Offices has been responsive to all of our requests. Dennis and Heidi, and the other attorneys at the firm, have consistently been able to answer all of our questions — it is the only firm in our geographic area which has the expertise to handle complex special education issues, and the firm does so with tact and diplomacy.” – A.N.N.

Roseann Paul
“When our world was upside down, they continued to be kind and understanding at all times! Heather and Roseann Paul are amazing people and we couldn’t have asked for more or any better. Heather and Roseann are very understanding and sympathetic to the needs of a family having educational issues. They made it easy for us and did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves. They are the best of the best hands down! –E.K.

Elisabeth Bissell
“Elisabeth Bissell, Michael Connolly, and all of McAndrews Law Offices met all of my needs and expectations. I will surely recommend them to others.” -A.D.

Jennifer L. Simons, Esq.
“Jennifer, I wanted to thank you and the entire staff at McAndrew's Law for all of your help. Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult enough. Not having any real idea where to start with the settling of an estate makes things even worse! The team at McAndrews Law explained everything we needed to do and took care of many of the things that we couldn't do ourselves. They took a difficult process and made it easy. My family and I are very grateful for Jennifer and for the great people at McAndrews Law for everything you have done!” –M.D.

"Jen Simmons and Anthony Marone were always a pleasure to work with. They were friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable individuals. They were always responsive to client needs and we were kept advised throughout the entire process. It was a wonderful experience working with Mr. Marone and Ms. Simons and we will highly recommend McAndrews Law Offices when opportunities arise.” –C.B.
Dean M. Beer, Esq.
“As the mother of a medically fragile child with special needs, I am very busy and working with his care. McAndrews Law Offices is excellent with communication and handling things for the parents. My son is lucky to have them as part of his team. He is in a very good school district with transportation due to the hard work of Dean Beer.” -P.E.
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