At F.C. Tucker Emge, we are often asked, "Why Should I use a real estate agent to sell my home?"

We like to ask, "Why wouldn't you?"

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The Evolution of Real Estate
The real estate industry, as with most industries, has certainly evolved over the last 20 years. The advancement of technology has produced tools that make it easy for potential home buyers to shop for a new home, for homeowners to sell their homes faster, and for real estate agents to manage their businesses more effectively.

The ability to tour homes in person or virtually has been a game changer. Cell phones and email lets agents stay connected with clients more frequently. Software designed for physically showing homes allows agents to now know who is accessing their clients’ listings and proactively ask for feedback. QR codes can be used to allow home buyers to quickly view the details of a listing or receive a valuation of their home.

The Evolution of the Real Estate Agent
But even with these technological advances, there’s nothing that replaces the direct personal relationship between a client and an agent. While you might think selling on your own is a better idea, hiring an agent will not only ensure you maximize the return on your home, but it will also make the entire transaction smoother.

Real estate agents are going to be straight with you. Does your home need repairs? Real estate agents are your best resources. Are you looking for the best and most accurate value for your home? The real estate agents at F.C. Tucker Emge have access to advanced proprietary tools to help them accurately price your home from the beginning. Do you know how to effectively market your home? F.C. Tucker Emge offers effective and proven methods to get your listing in front of those who matter most…people looking to buy. Worried about showing your home on your own? Special key boxes provided by real estate agents keep your home safe by only allowing access to licensed agents. Concerned that legal issues might come up down the road? A real estate agent will ensure that all of the proper documentation is procured.

Agents also help negotiate inspection reports, schedule and deal with appraisals, and do everything in their power to keep the deal together, all the way to the closing date. And when all is said and done, many times, they become a great friend.
About F.C. Tucker Emge
F.C. Tucker Emge is the largest full-service real estate firm in Southwest Indiana, representing more buyers and sellers than any other company. With six offices and 200 agents across southwest Indiana, F.C. Tucker Emge continues to be a local leader in residential real estate. F.C. Tucker Emge is also affiliated with The F.C. Tucker Company in Indianapolis, the largest in the state and ninth largest regional real estate brand, and also with Howard Hanna, the third largest real estate company in the country.