Turning 2020
The past few months have been filled with several different types of ministry – two country trips, domestic disaster relief, GoServ Global promotion, and sharing testimonies in churches.

On December 14, I took part in an exploration trip to Ethiopia to assess the need for a “Smart Village Pilot”. The exploration trip was a success! I spent the week with Pastor Getahun and learned a lot about the culture. The meeting with the mayor of Gondar on the build site helped us to understand how the local rural community would accept of the Sukup Safe T Home®. The meetings were not all business though … I got to spend the better part of two days loving on the children in the area where the building will take place. The mapping and planning stages were then started when we arrived back in the States. Also, the funding still needs to be raised by the ministry we are partnering with in Ethiopia.
Most of the weeks in January and February were spent in Ames, Iowa working on a fire-damaged house for a ministry that we have partnered with called Wings of Refuge. This ministry rescues women out of human trafficking, gives them a safe and secure place to live, shares the love of Christ with them, and helps them to recover from addictions and the lifestyle they have been subject to for however long it may have been. Our job and commitment included bringing in resources, (tools and equipment), volunteers, and some of the knowhow to completely remodel the 5000 sq foot house that was donated to them after the fire. GoServ Global committed to demo the entire house including the basement, first and second floors, even some work in the attic; framing new walls, fixing 100-year-old foundations, and installing new windows and doors! We estimated all of this would take a full three months, but I’m proud to say that our volunteers came in with vigorous excitement and worked diligently all while sharing Christ’s love and Word with each other, and we finished our commitment a month earlier than planned! One month earlier to getting women the needed care they need. This will be the second Wings of Refuge house. The first house offers intensive care with 24-hour staff on site and houses five women. This house will be a transition house to give the women an opportunity to learn a craft, attend school, and learn how to function in society with more freedom than the first house, all while having the safety and accountability they may still need. It was an honor to be a part of this great story. I love the restoration of this ministry’s focus - of a damaged house that no one wanted to fix or a woman’s life that no one wants to help. Yet the love of Christ washes away the sin and makes us new!
In February, I had the privilege of flying to Haiti with a small group of four on the GoServ Global plane. Haiti is the birthplace of our ministry of GoServ Global that started in 2011. In 2010, after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the entire country, our Co-Founder Ken DeYoung flew in medical supplies and helped evacuate people. For several weeks he did so, then he met a man named Eddy Constant who was starting an orphanage for young girls in his own house. Once Ken met the girls, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next! GoServ Global started and partnered with Eddy! This trip was very valuable for me, not only to understand their culture and see the several different facilities, but to meet everyone who has been operating the ministry in Haiti so that I can have a personal experience with the ministry in that country. This makes a tremendous difference for myself when I am doing our promotional events and sharing the story of what Christ is doing with our ministry. Most importantly to me, was to meet and love on all of the kids I met.
Prayer request
  • For financial support. I am also moving out of my one-bedroom apartment into a house with a roommate or two. 
  • For funding for the Ethiopian project.
  • For the Wings of Refuge house, staff, and women.
  • For the ministry in Haiti to remain operational in these times of travel restrictions. May the shipments of supplies reach Haiti.
  • For health and wellbeing of our nation and world among other ministries to continue on strong during this pandemic.


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