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Laurie Hanin, Executive Director
Dear Clients and Friends,

As CHC continues to offer telehealth services in all of our departments, I'm struck at how readily you, our valued clients, have embraced this new delivery system for health care. I'm thrilled that so many of you are continuing with your weekly therapy sessions, now with videoconferencing technology. The important progress you or your family had been making continues.

If you prefer to reach out to us by phone or email, please don't hesitate. We can be of tremendous help to you in so many ways - troubleshooting hearing aids, answering your questions, extending warranties, recommending tech solutions - the list goes on. Please call us in NY at 917-305-7700 or in Ft. Lauderdale at 954-601-1930. Leave a message and you will receive a prompt reply. Or click here to email us.

Our Hear and Connect resources are once again focused on the needs we all share - caring for loved ones, taking care of ourselves and staying connected. As always, you'll want to enable captions for videos. And do keep the feedback coming!

Caring for Loved Ones 
Remote Learning Zoom Session (K-5th Grade). Parents are invited to join CHC experts April 29 at 7:30 p.m. in an informational session on academic support services, assistive listening technology and captioning for videoconferencing. Captions provided. Please note this event is only for parents. Sessions for professionals will be announced soon.
"How to Make a Hearing Aid Retention Clip" Video. Audiologist Michele DiStefano and her daughter make a hearing aid accessory with materials you can find at home. Great idea for a family activity. View.
Caring for Ourselves
"Covid-19 Roundtable: Managing Emotions" Video Series (ASL with spoken English). The staff of the Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center answer questions about how to manage anxiety and fear while in quarantine. Check out this series of 10 short videos. After the first plays, click the 10-video series option to view sequentially. View.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Mental Health Counselor Janick Hickman shares a technique you can learn at home to combat stress, treat stress-related health problems and relieve tension. Read.
Connecting and Coping in the Age of Coronavirus. Ruth Bernstein, Consumer Advocate, shares advice and resources that are helping her cope with her time at home (originally published in News & Views, the bimonthly publication of the Hearing Loss Association of America, New York City Chapter) . Read.
Staying Connected
"CHC's Hearing Aid Tip of the Day" Video. Audiologist Ellen Lafargue offers a creative solution to help prevent the damage or loss of your hearing aids. Let us know how it goes if you try this at home. View.
Y-Splitters and Hearing Loss. Carolyn Stern explains why this simple, affordable device is the hearing aid accessory you didn't know you needed. Read.
Hearing-Friendly Videoconferencing. Carolyn Stern has adapted her videoconferencing tips for people with hearing loss into a one-page tip sheet published by The Hearing Journal. Read.
After-School Professionals Appreciation Week. Mental Health Counselor Jaci Wright puts the spotlight on CHC-FL staff for the support and guidance they've provided to our kids throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Read.
More than ever, we're committed to helping you hear and connect!


Laurie Hanin, Executive Director
CHC is here for you today and always. We are continuing to provide services whenever possible, regardless of ability to pay. Please consider making a donation. Support in any amount will help us to continue our efforts during these unprecedented times.    
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