October 2018
Building Bridges Between Immigrant Rights and Criminal Justice Reform
On Thursday, November 1, EMO will host its annual Collins Summit. The theme this year is Human Migration, and we are hosting one workshop specifically about the intersections between criminal justice reform and immigrant rights. We'll be looking for solidarity and points of collaboration. Join us for learning and taking action for justice!

Register now for the 2019 Collins Summit by clicking here .
Legislative Update
Last month, EMO helped lobby dozens of legislators about preventing gun violence, as part of the Lift Every Voice Oregon campaign. Over one hundred gun safety advocates rallied on the Capitol steps, where we raised our voices with singing and speeches for a safer Oregon. We are urging the legislature to ban future sales of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.
Upcoming Events
We hope to see you in the community soon!
Thursday, October 18, 2018 6:30 to 8 p.m. | Doors open at 6 p.m.
Eliot Center Chapel, First Unitarian Portland 1011 SW 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205

Event hosted by Pathfinders Network and First Unitarian Church, fearing a talk by Shaka Senghor, followed by reception and book signing. Tickets available on sliding fee scale, $10 to $25, and free for justice system-impacted community members. Click for more information, or contact Belle Landau at blandau@thepathfindernetwork.org or 503.892.5396, x113.
Recruiting event hosts for Hearing the Cries…On the Road

In 2019, Hearing the Cries for Justice is coming to a region near you … with your help! 
We are recruiting local hosts in regions outside the Portland metro area to host a day of networking and learning, focused on stories and skills for effective criminal justice ministries. The program will include training in legislative advocacy and reentry mentorship, with a focus on the stories and needs of people living in your area.  
We are currently recruiting host groups to host the event and provide logistical organizing. We hope to visit 2-4 regions outside the Portland metro area, but we need volunteer hosts to help us make this happen! 

If you are part of a congregation that could host or participate in a regional gathering, please be contact with us for more details, at cosa@emoregon.org or by calling 503-221-1054 ext. 211.   
Criminal Justice Sabbath at St John the Baptist Episcopal Church
Hearing the Cries for Justice was a great conference on confronting racism in Oregon’s justice system and concern for persons impacted by the criminal justice system. It was held in Portland in January 2018.
I went to the presentation on Preventing the School to Prison Pipeline. Each school day 7000 students drop out of high school in the USA. This is an astounding figure. And many of them wind up incarcerated. I was inspired to help with a Criminal Justice Sunday celebration at St John the Baptist Episcopal Church in SW Portland.
We celebrated Criminal Justice Sunday at St John the Baptist Episcopal Church on 9/02/2018. We were blessed to have Deacon Tom English, Chaplain to Prison Ministries with the Oregon Diocese and Rev. Audrey Zunkel-de Coursey from EMO join us. We prayed especially for all persons impacted by our criminal justice system, offenders, victims of crime, legal and corrections staff, law enforcement and the families of all these people.
Deacon Tom inspired us to treat our neighbors as ourselves and reach out to those in prison. He told us that we had 5,500 people in Oregon prisons in 2001 and 14,000 people in the Oregon prison system in 2018. He reminded us that this is a community issue as it affects everyone. He encouraged us to think of ways that we can reach those affected by our criminal justice system. I will always remember his words, “our boat is small and our ocean is so big, so we need more hands on deck.” 
We commissioned Miki Charlton, Mark FitzMaurice and Rev Chris Lang to Prison Ministries at St John the Baptist. Our Social Ministries team met afterwards with Deacon Tom English and Rev Audrey at Liz and Arnie Klein’s home for great conversation, sharing of ideas and good food. 
I am hopeful that there will be another “Hearing the Cries for Justice” conference in the Metro region in the future. Look for it and plan to attend. It was the best conference I have attended.
Submitted by Elizabeth Klein
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
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