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March 26, 2024


If you want to support the bills SCIL is sponsoring in 2024, you must sign up to do so, even if you signed on to support all our bills in 2023. Time is of the essence as five of our bills will be voted on in their first committee hearings between April 2nd and April 10th.

Reminder for you and your organization to sign up again to support SCIL's sponsored bills!

We have heard from some of you who assumed that if you signed up to support our bills in 2023, your support would automatically carry over to 2024. That is not the case. Since we are sponsoring new bills this year, we need your updated authorization to support them.

And please note, we will never use your information for anything other than supporting our bills, no sharing, no selling, nothing else.


So if you have not signed on specifically to support in 2024, please do so now.


This year, we are sponsoring or cosponsoring a dozen bills. As always, your actions will be key to passing laws that save animal lives. 


Please see the instructions below on how you and/or your organization can sign up to support all of SCIL's sponsored bills.

How to Support


To send a support letter for all our sponsored bills, simply follow the steps below.  


Click on our 'How-to-Help' page, then:


·      Choose the button to show if you are sending as an Individual, Group, or Both.

·      Click on individual bills you want to support, or click the box "Click here to support ALL bills". The bills you click to support will be checked. Then click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.

·      Fill in your information.

·      Click "Send Support".


You don't have to do anything else! We will produce your letter(s) and ensure that they are received by the right legislators and committees.


***Remember, if you are an organization, you must follow the instructions to register as an organization. The committees have requirements that must be met to get your support registered in the committee analysis, which is very important. 


Alternatively, organizations can send their letter, which must be on organization letterhead and signed, as a pdf to [email protected]

For reference, here is a list of bills SCIL is sponsoring in 2024:

AB 2012 (Lee): Animal shelter reporting requirements

This bill will require the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to resume collecting specified data from public animal shelters as part of its annual rabies control activities reporting. It gives CDPH the authority to contract out the responsibility of collecting the data to a California veterinary school.

AB 1983 (Maienschein): Reinstates the tax check-off program for spay and neuter grants


The tax check-off program collected roughly $300,000 per year to fund grants administered by CDFA for low-cost spay and neuter programs for eight years in a row, until it expired in 2023. This bill will reinstate the program and allow CDFA to administer tax check-off program funds in conjunction with grants funded by the Pet Lover’s License Plate Fund, which also go to spay and neuter services.

AB 2133 (Kalra): Allows RVTs to perform cat neuters


By allowing registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) to perform neuter surgeries on male cats, this bill will increase the availability of much-needed neuter services, and in so doing will help alleviate the state’s pervasive pet overpopulation crisis. RVTs already administer anesthesia and perform dental extractions, both widely considered more difficult procedures than neutering a male cat.

AB 2640 (Kalra): Strengthens student opt-out provisions for animal dissection, and encourages phase out by 2028


This bill will encourage schools to phase out the use of live animal dissection in K-12 classrooms by 2028 with the exception of AP classes and specialized agricultural courses. It will also strengthen protections for students by ensuring that they are informed of their right to opt out of animal dissection and be given an alternative assignment, and that they are not punished for opting out and can file a complaint to the school if their right to opt out is infringed upon.

AB 3053 (Kalra): Allows families to opt out of junior program slaughter auctions


This bill will ensure that state rules governing junior fair exhibits for programs such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America allow families whose children raise animals through those programs to spare the animals from being sent to slaughter at any time before the animal is transferred offsite. It will also allow any winning auction bidder to pick up the animal alive, even if it was purchased through a “terminal” or “market” sale.

AB 2425 (Essayli): Dog breeder and animal shelter regulations

This bill has several provisions:

1.    Expands the definition of dog breeder to include anyone selling ten or more dogs.

2.    Ensures all dogs sold by breeders are microchipped and vaccinated.

3.    Ensures animal shelters post the adoption availability of animals on their website or a third-party website.

4.    Directs the state to study the pet overpopulation problem and propose solutions.

AB 3162 (Bennett): Bans octopus farming


This bill will preemptively ban octopus aquaculture as well as sales of farmed octopus.

We will also be actively supporting:

AB 2216 (Haney): This bill will put modest protections in place restricting landlords from outright banning pets in their rental units.


SB 1233 (Wilk): This bill will request that California's two veterinary schools implement a high-quality certification program for high-volume spay and neuter.

Please encourage others to support the bills and sign up for our newsletter. And if you’re able to do so, please make a donation to support our lifesaving work.

Thank you so much,

Judie Mancuso, Founder/CEO/President

Social Compassion in Legislation

Social Compassion in Legislation
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