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This resource has been designed for families of all sizes including grandparents, aunts and uncles who can share this with extended family via Facebook or by forwarding this email.  

We are praying for each of you and would love to hear what might be helpful to you during this challenging days and weeks. If you have any ideas please email Cathy at  cnorman@crossroadsnova.org.
Hello to all the Crossroads families! I miss seeing your smiling faces and hearing the stories from the children about what is new in their lives. I am safe at home with my family (husband Brad, daughter Julia age 9, and son Levi age 6). I am grateful for the technology that allows many of us to work from home and stay connected to our community. My kids were excited at first to hear they were getting a five month summer break this year, but the reality and boredom soon set in and they miss their teachers and friends. Each day presents challenges in setting aside time for educational "school-like" instruction, teleworking productively while hoping the kids play quietly, preparing healthy balanced meals, and maintaining a structured daily schedule with bedtime routines.

This is a challenging situation that many of us have been thrown into. We should ask God and ourselves for grace and forgiveness during the transition into a new routine and live for the happy moments with our family like game/movie nights, teaching our kids new skills like cooking, and being able to say "yes, I have time for you right now". Here are some online resources that I have found useful to keep my children engaged and entertained. I pray that all of you are doing well and welcome you to reach out to me via email to let me know about the strategies you find helpful.

God Bless you and your family,
Jill Wiggins, Children's Ministry Coordinator
This Week's Highlighted Resources
Watch this great puppet show with Pastor Dave as Joey the kangaroo and Ms. Cathy as June Bug! Thanks to Ms. Jill and Julia for guiding us through our story and prayer.

Click here for the bible story that was told.
And click here for a glowing endorsement of the show from two of our Crossroads Kids!
Crossroads' Church at Home - watch here
If you missed yesterday's online gathering, you can watch it anytime!

You can also watch it anytime on the GOTGo app .
Lion's Breath with Nancy McGovern - watch here
This is a great exercise to release some pent up energy or to get a little energy if you need it!

Catch Ms. Nancy every Monday at 10am on her
Corner of the Sky Facebook Live show as she brings you Movement, Music and Mindfulness.
Student Ministry Resources
Meet Kylie Kosko, our Student Ministry coordinator. Read more about her and student ministries in the latest newsletter. It also contains a special Intersect at Home guide and some great resources for teens and their families.

This week's Student Ministry newsletter can be found  here .

If you missed last week's Taco Tuesday At Home edition, you can find it here .
Hope in Action Sidewalk Chalk Messages
We are hearing heart warming stories of kids leaving messages of hope and kindness to neighbors either on their own driveways or on neighborhood sidewalks. What a great project to do with your kids to spread cheer to your neighbors!

For other ways to serve our community, click here .
Fun Family Resources
Check out the following links (click on heading to go to a website link) for family activities and resources.

Support for Parents
Imagine Well Being Resources
Imagine Well Being gatherings are available via Zoom so that you can be sure to take care of yourself during this stressful time. Each gathering is stand alone and designed to bring you more inner peace and healing in mind, body and soul.

A full list of gatherings can be found  here.
Zoom Circles of Care Resources
Zoom Circles of Care are small groups where you can find support, care and community.

A full list of these groups can be found  here .