Update for the week of February 14 -20, 2019
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February 17, 2019
 9:00 am 
  Sunday School
A Disciple's Path Study 
All Classes 
9:55 am
Fellowship Time in the Atrium
10:15 am
Traditional Worship 
10:15 am
Celebration Worship
Saint Mark Center  
4:00 pm 
TREK for Children  
4:00 pm
Wings 'N' Things

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Prayer Focus for This Week  

Black History Month
Pray for the Elimination of Racism 

Pray for the elimination of "spatial racism."
  • Lack of decent affordable housing
  • Lack of adequate staff, faculty, buildings and supplies for public schools
  • Lack of capital investment for business and commerce
  • Little or no opportunities for jobs near home and insufficient transit to jobs
  • 59% of people of color seeking to buy houses encounter discrimination
Pray for the elimination of "institutional racism."
  • Institutions that devalue the presence and contributions of people of color and celebrate only the contributions of white people
  • Indifference to rates of violence against lives of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and native people.
  • A disproportionate number of Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans and economically poor on death row
  • Health Insurance - the uninsured rate for people of color, Hispanics and Native Americans is 1.5 times the rate of white Americans
  • In professional circles of politics, business, social groups, and religious entities, the official representatives are predominantly white

Pray for the elimination of "environmental racism."

  • 3 out of 5 African Americans and Latino Americans live in communities with abandoned toxic waste sites.
  • 46 percent of USA housing units for the economically poor, mostly people of color, are within a mile of factories that reported toxic emissions to the Environmental Protection Agency
  • African American children are 5 times more likely to be victims of lead poisoning than white children
  • Asthma and air pollution are linked.  African American populations are concentrated in cities that failed the EPS ambient air quality standards.  African Americans and Latinos are almost three times more likely to die from asthma than Caucasians

Pray for the elimination of "individual racism."

  • Hate crimes against people of color
  • Personal moments of racial stereotyping
  • Automatically awarding superior status to our white cultural group and inferior status to those outside of our comfort zone.

Let us pray for the courage to examine our own biases and positions of privilege.


Let us pray to live compassionately and to value, and even treasure, the diversity of God's people. 

Submit Your Prayer Requests
Saint Mark is pleased to receive your prayer requests . . . for yourself or for friends or loved ones.   Click here to submit your request to Pastor Todd Davis.

Worship With Us!
A Disciple's Path Sermon Series
THIS Sunday, February 17
10:15 am  
"Disciple's Path - Gifts" 
Traditional Worship
bringing the message  
Rev. Todd Davis  
Celebration Worship
bringing the message
Rev. Shawna Darnall  
You Can Still Participate . . .
It's still not too late to begin A Disciple's Path.   
The sermon series will continue through Sunday, March 3 at both services.   
You may still join a group that is studying A Disciple's Path.  All of our Sunday School Classes (children, youth and adult) are using this study on Sunday mornings at 9 am.  There are other studies being conducted during the the week.   
 Wednesday 5:30 pm - 7 pm led by Rev. Bob Stillwell
         Co-Ed group meeting, Room A201   
         Email: restillwell@umcsc.org
Thursday 10 am - 11:30 am led by Rev. Todd Davis
         Co-Ed group meeting, Commons Room 
         Email: tdavis@smumcsc.org
Ongoing midweek small groups welcome you to join them for this study.
    Tuesday 9:30 am - 11 am led by Debbie Barton
                  Women's group meeting in homes
                  Email: mamadebbieb@gmail.com 
    Thursday 10 am - 11:30 am led by Sandy James
         Women's group meeting, Room A206 
         Email: s4e4j4@bellsouth.net
If you prefer to not participate in a group study, you are welcome to pick up a workbook (for $5) in the church office to study on your own.
Wings for the Lord
Lunch Theater
Annual Fundraiser
As you enjoy your delicious meal, you will become the "live audience" for the WINGS-FM variety show. You are guaranteed to experience light-hearted entertainment, laughter and love.
Lunch Menu
chicken casserole
congealed salad
Purchase your ticket(s) in the atrium and Narthex Sunday, February 17 - Sunday, February 24.  For your convenience, click here to reserve your ticket(s) online.  For online reservations, you will pay at the door.  For more information, click here to contact Donna Poston. 
Special Parents Night Out
sponsored by  
the Saint Mark Child Development Center
TOMORROW, February 15, 2019
Take your love out for Valentine's Day Weekend....we are extending parents night out until 10pm on this day.
One child - $10/hr
Two children - $15/hr
Three children - $20hr
We will provide supper for children 2 and older. This care is available to all Saint Mark families and friends. There will be crafts, games and lots of fun.
Click here to make your reservation.
Comedian Henry Cho Is Coming to Walhalla!!

Henry Cho is a regular on television and film. His clean comedy is so versatile that he can headline Vegas and then tour with Michael W. Smith in the same month.  Henry Cho's TV credits include appearances on NBC's "The Tonight Show," CBS' "The Late, Late, Show," and NBC's "Young Comedians Special." Henry was co-creator, co-producer, and co-writer of "The Henry Cho Show" on GAC. Henry's one hour clean Comedy Central Special, "What's That Clickin' Noise?" is currently airing as well as being available on Netflix. He can be heard daily on Sirius XM, Blue Collar Radio, and Pandora. He is also a regular performer at the Grand Ole Opry.  
2 tickets are still available. Click here to make your reservation(s).  Pay for and pick up your ticket(s) from Marla Fuller the evening of the show.  
Do you want to join us for supper before the show?  As we typically do, we will gather at Puerto Nuevo Mexican and Seafood Restaurant in West Union at 6 pm.  Please click here to let Marla know you plan to join us for supper so that she can reserve a seat for you. 

The next session in this five-part series is:   
Historic and Social Context Matter
(Panel Discussion)   
Sunday, February 24
11:30 am - 2 pm
Commons Room 
To learn about
...what racism is
...how racism has evolved
...what white privilege is
...behaviors that contribute to racism
...how to be a disciple of racial justice
There will be a light lunch and door prizes!  
It's not too late to register.  Click here.  
Contact Stacy Keelor at (914) 217-8092 with any questions about the series.
Click here to see their delicious menu. Click here to make your reservation by Sunday, February 24. Hope to see you there!!! 
Our annual Community Lenten services provide weekly opportunities to gather together as the larger Body of Christ for midweek observances of Lent.  This year, the messages each Wednesday will be based on the seven last words of Jesus from the cross.   
These midweek services will begin on Ash Wednesday, March 6 and continue each week through Wednesday, April 17. Following each service, the host church will provide a free lunch to those who can stay.  We hope you will plan to attend.
Join us for a time of food and fellowship in preparation for entering the holy season of Lent.  This evening meal will be in lieu of the regular Gathering meal that would normally be the following week (March 13).

The Gathering Master List applies.  Or click here to make your reservation(s). 

An Elderberries Event
Anderson Senior Follies
"A Class Act"

The seed for the Anderson Senior Follies was planted in 1989, and each show since then has been a huge success!  Click here to learn more about this annual event. 

Since we will be attending the Anderson Senior Follies a few days before St. Patrick's Day, before the show we plan to enjoy supper at McGee's Irish Pub located in Anderson. 

Click here to make your reservation(s) online, or call Marla Fuller at the church office (864) 882-2603.

It should prove to be a most enjoyable evening!  Transportation is available for this event.
Let's Help Alleviate Hunger!
Our seventh annual Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event will be held on Saturday morning, March 23, in the Saint Mark Center. Join us for this fun, hands-on mission work. Our goal again this year is to package 50,000 meals! Trinity Baptist Church will again be our partner, sharing the cost and providing volunteers. We will also host a diverse group of student and smaller faith groups.
We need your help! Fundraising for this year's event has already begun. We must cover the cost of the food, packaging and shipping of the meals we pack. Please contribute generously toward the $16,000 cost for 50,000 meals. Saint Mark still needs to raise $7000.

To volunteer to participate, please sign up on Sundays in the Narthex or the Atrium. You may also sign up online - click here.  Brochures and donation envelopes will be in this week's bulletin and in our literature rack in the atrium.

For more information, click here to see the entire brochure.
It's That Time Again!!

Our Wings for the Lord youth choir is gearing up for their summer tour in July.  One of their biggest fundraisers is their annual ginormous garage sale. But they need lots of items to sell.  Chances are that you have stuff you don't want or need any more.  Start putting these items aside for the sale. Watch for more details.   
We are NOW collecting jewelry for the Wings Garage Sale. A drop box is located in Church Office. 
For more information, click here to contact Cara Davis or click here to contact Donna Poston.

150th Birthday of UMW
Sunday, March 24
Contact: Becky Hazelwood  
Racism and Its Impact (Session #3)
"Connecting With Others: Our Stories" 
Sunday, March 24
11:30 am
Commons Room
Contact: Stacy Keeler 
Mental Health Conference
"There Is No Health Without Mental Health: 
The Role of the Church  
in Addressing Mental Illness"
Presented by  
Anderson United Methodist Conference
District Connectional Ministries
Saturday, March 30
9 am - 2:30 pm
Bethesda UMC 
516 Piedmont Rd. 
Easley, SC 29642
For more information, click here.    
Spring Mission Auction
Sunday, April 7
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Contact: Jane Harlin 
Annual Spring Fling Community Event 
Wednesday, April 10
5:30 pm
Contact: Shawna Darnall 


ARE YOU 50+?
Here are some
Elderberries Events
that might interest you.  Save the date(s) on your calendar. 

Lunch Bunch
at Blue Marble Deli 
Tuesday, February 26
12 noon
Memory Cafe
Tie-dyeing Activity
Monday, March 4
1 - 3 pm 
Anderson Senior Follies
Thursday, March 14
7:00 pm
Anderson University
Paramount Theater
Cost: $20 per ticket 
Lunch Bunch
with a guest speaker 
"Avoid Getting Scammed!"
with Mandy Tinsley  
from the Oconee County Sheriff's Office  
Tuesday, March 26
12 noon
Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe 
For more information about our Elderberries ministry or any of these events, click here to contact Marla Fuller. 
Black History Month Continues . . .
Eight Ways to Eliminate Racism

1. Learn to recognize and understand your own privilege.

One of the first steps to eliminating racial discrimination is learning to recognize and understand your own privilege. Racial privilege plays out across social, political, economic, and cultural environments.  

2. Examine your own biases and consider where they may have originated.

What messages did you receive as a kid about people who are different from you? What was the racial and/or ethnic make-up of your neighborhood, school, or religious community? Why do you think that was the case? These experiences produce and reinforce bias, stereotypes, and prejudice, which can lead to discrimination. Examining our own biases can help us work to ensure equality for all.

3. Validate the experiences and feelings of people of color.

Another way to address bias and recognize privilege is to support the experiences of other people and engage in tough conversations about race and injustice. We cannot be afraid to discuss oppression and discrimination for fear of "getting it wrong." Take action by learning about the ways that racism continues to affect our society.

4. Challenge the "colorblind" ideology.

It is a pervasive myth that we live in a "post-racial" society where people "don't see color." Perpetuating a "colorblind" ideology actually contributes to racism. Being "colorblind" ignores a significant part of a person's identity and dismisses the real injustices that many people face as a result of race. We must see color in order to work together for equity and equality.

5. Call out racist "jokes" or statements.

Let people know that racist comments are not okay. Do not be afraid to engage in conversations with loved ones, coworkers, and friends. Remember that not saying anything - or laughing along - implies that you agree.

6. Find out how your company or school works to expand opportunities for people of color.

Systemic racism means that there are barriers - including wealth disparities, criminal justice bias and education and housing discrimination - that stack the deck against people of color in the workplace or at school.  It is important for companies and schools to address these issues and promote a culture of equity.

7. Be thoughtful with your finances.

Take a stand with your wallet. Know the practices of companies that you invest in and the charities that you donate to. Make an effort to shop at small, local businesses and give your money back to the people living in the community. Your state or territory may have a directory of local, minority-owned businesses in your area.

8. Adopt an intersectional approach in all aspects of your life.

Remember that all forms of oppression are connected. You cannot fight against one form of injustice and not fight against others. For example, many survivors of domestic violence also face racism and other forms of oppression. We must recognize and support survivors' unique experiences.
 The Worldwide United Methodist Church
February 23 - 26
St. Louis Missouri

Be informed . . .

Click to see an overview of the four primary proposals for General Conference 2019

Click on the link above. This downloadable chart provides a side-by-side comparison of the four main plans to be considered by 2019 General Conference delegates.

Click here to learn more about the Conference that begins next Saturday, February 23.

Next week, we will provide a link that will allow you to watch a live stream of the conference proceedings.
64th Annual Black History Tea
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Amon A. Martin Jr.
Sunday, February 24
4 pm
Seneca River Association Family Life
298 S Poplar St
Seneca, SC  29672
For more information, click here to contact Beverly Jenkins, President, Oconee County Branch of the NAACP
Greetings to you  
from the Tamassee DAR School!
The Tamassee DAR School has been able to serve hundreds of children in need of out-of-home placement. No matter the family issue - divorce, financial difficulty, educational needs, or more serious problems at home - we are here to help.  
Do you or someone you know have skills, talents or resources that could benefit those families who are serving through fostering? Then, allow us an opportunity to tell you about how you could join our fostering community!  
To contact us with any questions, please reach out to Amaris Gibson at (864) 944-1390 ext. 123, click here to email us, or simply check out our website at www.tdarschool.org.
Together we are making a difference in the lives of children.
With Faith in Families,
Amaris M. Gibson
Director of Foster Care
Book of Exceptional Stewards 
In the story of the "Poor Widow," Jesus sat down near the collection box in the Temple and watched as the crowds dropped in their money. Many rich people put in large amounts. Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins. Jesus called his disciples to him and said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the others who are making contributions. For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on."
Jesus singled out this widow's offering to God. Why? Because her generosity was sacrificial. Giving intentionally, regularly, generously, proportionally, cheerfully and yes, sacrificially is the cornerstone of biblical stewardship. With the support of the Stewardship Ministry Team, Pastor Todd would like to recognize and give thanks to those disciples who have demonstrated a significant level of growth in giving, or who routinely exhibit the biblical principles of sacrificial stewardship.
The names of these disciples will appear in the
Book of Exceptional Stewards held discreetly and securely by Pastor Todd. The Book of Exceptional Stewards will be seen ONLY by Pastor Todd. Names will be added by the disciples themselves by filling out a simple form. There is NO verification process. This is between you and The Lord. You provide the information, and you control whether or not your name is included in the book. It is entirely voluntary. Just as Jesus preached openly and called openly, we ask that you prayerfully consider adding your name to the Book of Exceptional Stewards.
NO NAMES OR CATEGORY OF GIVING WILL BE SHARED WITH THE CONGREGATION OR ANYONE ELSE. However, Pastor Todd does expect to celebrate with the congregation the number of disciples in our family of faith who are growing toward, and are committed to, generous and sacrificial stewardship. Just as Jesus celebrated the sacrificial generosity of the poor widow, Pastor Todd wants to celebrate your faithful stewardship of God's blessings.  
If you are able, please consider being a disciple listed in the Book of Exceptional Stewards by filling out the form at the link below, and submitting it in a sealed envelope addressed to Pastor Todd. You may drop it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office.
Click here to find the form.  Print it out, fill it out and return it to the church office.
Pause for Prayer
The Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church invites everyone who is invested in the future of the United Methodist denomination to pause each day leading up the the called General Conference that begins next Saturday, February 23 and continues through Tuesday, February 26.   
In unity and solidarity with our United Methodist brothers and sisters around the world, pause and pray between 2:23 am or pm through 2:26 am or pm.  If the time is inconvenient for you, choose to pray at another time - but pray . . .  
Click here for more detailed instructions.  
Visit Prison with Your Prayers During Lent 
This past Advent, 250 incarcerated Christians in South Carolina served as Pilgrim Seminary prayer missionaries. Each prayer missionary prayed for three United Methodist pastors and churches every day from the beginning of Advent through Epiphany.   Mr. Rodney Williams was the prayer missionary who prayed for Saint Mark UMC.
During Lent (March 6 - April 20), United Methodist congregations across South Carolina will be reciprocating by praying for some of the 20,000 men and women who are currently incarcerated in South Carolina prisons, as well as the prison chaplains and staff. The goal is that every person living in a South Carolina prison (believers and believers-yet-to-be) will be prayed for by a United Methodist during Sunday worship services throughout the Lenten season.
In worship at Saint Mark each Sunday of Lent, during the Pastoral Prayer, you will have the opportunity to pray for those prisoners listed in your bulletin.  You will also be encouraged to take your bulletin home and pray for them during the week. Hopefully you are aware of the Biblical mandate to remember and visit those in prison. Visiting Prison with Your Prayers might be a good first step that could open future opportunities for ministry and service.  
Thanks for your support, Pastor Todd
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In 2018, the Advocate - winner of 94 journalism awards since 2010 - celebrated 181 years of existence.  Founded in 1837, it is the oldest continuously published newspaper in Methodism. 

The individual annual subscriptions are $15 ($8 online only).

To subscribe, click here, or call (803) 786-9486m ext. 335.
February Calendar and Birthdays
Better Late Than Never???

Click here to view the February events going on at Saint Mark, as well as the list of those celebrating February birthdays.  If you don't see your February birthday listed, please click here to let us know.  Our sincere apologies for the lateness of this information.  

Click here to discover the many ways to serve at Saint Mark. Fill out the form and return it to Marla Fuller in the church office. We will get you plugged in!    

Saint Mark United Methodist Church

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