The Parent Support Team wishes you a Happy New Year! Did you know that January is Positive Parenting Awareness Month? Positive parenting is an art that revolves around nurturing our children through challenges with unwavering love and kindness. It's about echoing the profound message: You are loved, you are important, you matter.

Our January calendar provides some simple ways to connect with your child and make them feel super loved all month long!

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Family Meet-Up

Are you an expecting parent or a parent with a child aged birth to kindergarten living in Cuyahoga County? Join our Cuyahoga Parents Connect Facebook group! We have special events, such as a Family Meet-up, happening in a couple of weeks at Kiddie Jungle in Parma. The first ten kids enrolled get in at no charge! Join Cuyahoga Parents Connect, then find this Family Meet-Up pinned to the top of our page.

Fatherhood Resources at Bright Beginnings

At Bright Beginnings, we believe in celebrating the invaluable role that fathers play in the lives of their children. Studies show supportive fathers positively influence children's well-being, fostering confidence through guidance, problem-solving, and encouraging independence. Beyond traditional roles, fathers add a vital element of fun to their children's lives.

Fatherhood Resources, part of the Parent Support Department, supports men on their journey to become the fathers they aspire to be.

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Meet our Fatherhood Resources Coordinator, Jerrold Nash

Jerrold Nash, the dedicated Fatherhood Coordinator at Bright Beginnings since April 2023, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. Jerrold holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Baldwin Wallace University and a Master’s degree in Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership from the University of Missouri. His commitment to serving children and families in Northeast Ohio spans various capacities across the human experience. Passionate about fostering positive father involvement in the lives of children, families, and communities, he actively contributes to the transformative journey of men striving to become the fathers they aspire to be. Beyond his professional pursuits, Nash's interest in history adds a diverse dimension to his character.

Do you operate a child care center or school that wants posters and handouts about Bright Beginnings services? We have posters and brochures, and are available for tabling. Email us a request.

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