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Happy 2021! In January and early February, HFSA shared information on heart failure research and clinical trials. Look below for information and resources. Don't forget to visit the Patient Hub at hfsa.org/patient.
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New Podcast Episode: Why Clinical Trials Matter to Heart Failure Care and Patient Outcomes
On the latest episode of HFSA's patient-centered podcast, the Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living, learn about clinical trials and research opportunities for heart failure patients, and why they matter to patient care and outcomes. The episode features two care providers and one patient who has participated in numerous heart failure clinical trials.
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Learn About Clinical Trials with a Patient Education Module
Did you know? Clinical trials are voluntary research studies designed to answer specific questions about the safety or effectiveness of drugs, vaccines, other therapies, or new ways of using existing treatments. Information gained from clinical trials helps us understand more about diseases and how best to treat them. Numerous clinical trials performed over the past 3+ decades have helped guide your care team on how best to treat your condition. Learn More
Updates from Clinical Trials: Expanded Uses for New Therapies and Future Medications
Did you attend HFSA Patient and Caregiver Day 2020 in December? If so, watch again or explore for the first time two sessions featuring updates from clinical trials: Expanded Uses for New Therapies and Future Medications. Those who registered previously may view the presentations, while others may need to view once they are available in the HFSA Learning Center (coming soon).
February 14-20 is Heart Failure Awareness Week! Tune in for exciting activities online

From February 14-20, the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) will host Heart Failure Awareness Week! Follow HFSA on Twitter and Facebook for podcast episode releases, a countdown of the top innovations in heart failure, and more information, #HFWeek2021

HFSA Virtual Patient and Caregiver Day 2020 Presentations are Now OnDemand! Access the presentations for free. (If this is your first time accessing them, create a login and sign-up for free). Learn More
Clinical Trials: What Patients Need to Know
What do patients need to know about clinical trials? The FDA offers a number of articles and resources featuring information on topics including:  Different types of clinical research; Diversity in trial participation; Informed consent for trials; Sexual and gender minorities; and more!  Learn More
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There are several advantages to participating in a clinical research trial. 1. You will make a contribution to advances in heart failure care, helping future generations of patients. 2. You will receive the best treatment by the research team and have regular, careful follow ups. Often in clinical trials, the group receiving standard therapy (control or placebo group) will often do surprisingly better than what was expected as a result of this careful management. 3. Some trials will actually cover the cost of the study medication and may compensate you for the time you devote to participating in the study.

Are clinical trials right for you? It's very important to do research and ask questions before joining a trial. Explore these resources:

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