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In May, the HFSA Heart Failure Awareness 365 campaign focused on costs of care and minimizing financial hardships . Resources and information can be found below and be sure to check out the Patient Hub at hfsa.org/patient.
Featured Resources
HFSA Presentation: Minimizing Financial Hardships 
Outside of hospital costs, the cost of heart failure medications is the second most important concern for patients and caregivers. In a presentation during the HFSA Patient and Caregiver Day 2020, Leslie L. Davis, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FACC, FAHA gave strategies to address costs. Davis also explored other strategies for patients to minimize costs of care. Learn More
HFSA Brochure: Living Your Best Life With Advanced Heart Failure and Advance Care Planning
When faced with a life-threatening or terminal chronic illness such as heart failure, developing an advance care plan can help reduce stress and ease concerns about future care options – including the financial burden that families may face when supporting an individual living with heart failure. Thinking ahead can empower you and your family to make informed decisions on important matters. Check out the HFSA Living Your Best Life With Advanced Heart Failure / Advance Care Planning Patient Education Brochure for more information. Learn More
HFSA Brochure: Advanced Care Planning
While it is a chronic condition, thanks to proper treatment, heart failure progress can be slowed or reversed. This free brochure will help ease the process of preparing an advance care plan. Learn More
HFSA Patient and Caregiver Day 2021 is coming to Denver in September

Stay tuned for more information and coming announcements!
Building Relationships With Your Healthcare Team
Building relationships with members of the entire healthcare team may help patients manage costs. This includes social workers and pharmacists. An article from Chester County Hospital, a division of Penn Medicine, talks about how social workers can help patients Learn More
Patient Assistance Programs
There are a number of patient assistance programs available to people living with heart failure. HFSA has a list of these resources available in the Patient Hub. Learn More
Additional Resources
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