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This month, HFSA shared information on emotional wellness and heart failure. While heart failure is a lifelong condition, it's possible for those living with it to have active lives. Maintaining emotional well-being is critical to success. Explore resources below.
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Emotional Wellness in Heart Failure: A New Podcast Episode Explores This Important Topic
On a new episode of the  Heart Failure Beat: Healthy Living podcast , Dr. Nasrien E. Ibrahim of Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital, shares information on the emotional challenges facing people living with heart failure and resources and tools they can use to improve their emotional wellness.

Take Control of Your Heart Failure: Life After a Heart Failure Hospitalization
One in four people living with heart failure return to the hospital within one month of leaving. For tips on how patients can stay empowered after being discharged and live active, full lives, click the link to view the patient empowerment tool.

How Patients Can Have Successful Virtual Visits with their Providers
Learn how you can better prepare for your next virtual visit with your care team with this episode of the Heart Failure Beat: Healthy Living podcast , featuring Kismet Rasmusson, DNP, FNP, FHFSA, nurse practitioner.

Managing Feelings Around Heart Failure
Understanding the emotions that result from a heart failure diagnosis will help you to manage life with this condition. View the link to explore a free resource from HFSA, entitled Managing Feelings About Heart Failure. This pamphlet is available in the HFSA Learning Center free of charge. Similar informational pamphlets are available in the HFSA Patient Tools page .

Managing Emotional Snacking
Sometimes, we channel emotions into snacking – even when we’re not hungry. This emotional snacking might even be more common during the pandemic, when many of us are stuck at home and trying to maintain our emotional well-being. Before you snack, ask yourself if you’re truly hungry. If you are, try the healthy snack options in this article. Read More
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