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In June, the HFSA Heart Failure Awareness 365 campaign explored heart failure across gender, age, race, and ethnicities and how patients can advocate for themselves to ensure they receive fair treatment and care. Resources and information can be found below and be sure to check out the Patient Hub at hfsa.org/patient.
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Heart Failure and Racial Differences: Understanding the Signs Through Education
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While HF affects so many, there are racial differences with many more Black people having HF than White people. Hospitalization rates are also higher in the Black population which may be due to patients having other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Education and awareness of HF is so important. Knowing the signs and symptoms of HF can help patients recognize these symptoms and get to their health care professional (HCP) as soon as possible. Learn More
Freddie's Heart Failure Story
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Being diagnosed with heart failure can be scary –but for Freddie, it was an opportunity to help others. Listen to her story here. Learn More
Connect today in HFSA Connect: A New Online Community for Patients and Caregivers
The new HFSA Patient and Caregiver Community offers you a closed forum to connect and engage in meaningful conversations with other patients and caregivers in a safe and private environment. Share your experience or ask others for their experience with clinical trials, treatment, initial diagnosis, maintaining your treatment plan, healthy eating, and more! The options are endless. Simply login to the site below and you'll have access. Learn More
Heart Failure Beat Podcast Archive - Equity in Heart Failure Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: The POSSIBLE Dream
Tune into this episode of the Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living from 2020 to learn about steps necessary for achieving heart failure equity across racial and ethnic groups. Find under "Season 1 Episodes." Learn More
HFSA Patient and Caregiver Day 2021 is coming to Denver in September

Stay tuned for more information and coming announcements!
Health disparities in rural US: Higher coronary artery disease death in women under 65 and people with heart failure
Journal of the American Heart Association
Women who live in rural areas are dying of coronary artery disease prematurely, and living in a rural area is one of the factors impacting heart failure survival, according to the findings in two separate research studies published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access journal of the American Heart Association. Learn More
Rural US has more heart failure deaths than urban areas
Northwestern University
Heart failure deaths are persistently higher in rural areas of the United States compared with urban areas, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study. The research also showed race disparities in heart failure are prevalent in rural and urban areas with greatest increases among Black adults under 65 years old. Learn More
Health, United States Spotlight: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Heart Disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and risk of heart disease death differs by race and ethnicity. This Spotlight explores racial and ethnic disparities in three heart disease topic areas: deaths, reported prevalence, and risk factors. Even though four clinical risk factors—hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and high total cholesterol—are explored here, behavioral risk factors, such as smoking and physical inactivity, also differ by race and ethnicity.  Learn More
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