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This month, HFSA shared information on medications and heart failure. While heart failure is a lifelong condition, it's possible for those living with it to have active lives. Maintaining emotional well-being is critical to success. Explore resources below.
Featured Resources
From the Podcast Archives: Natural Supplements and Heart Failure Drug Education
On this first episode of the Heart Failure Beat: Healthy Living podcast recorded in February 2020, Kathleen D. Faulkenberg, PharmD, BCPS, and Barry E. Bleske, PharmD, FCCP, discuss common heart failure medications, how they work, guidance on how to take them, and important side effects.

Webinar: Medications and Challenges of Multiple Medications
Recorded in February 2019, this webinar features an in-depth discussion of the medications used to treat heart failure. Topics covered included the concept of ejection fraction, medication differences, controlling symptoms, side effects of medications, the importance of medication adherence and tools to help manage multiple medications. The webinar featured Lisa Jennings, ACNP-BC, CVNP-BC, CCRN-CMC, CHFN, FHFSA, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner at Saint Luke’s Cardiovascular Consultants at Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri.

Brochure: Heart Failure Medication 
If you are living with heart failure, or supporting someone who is, you might already know the main types of medications used to treat heart failure, but do you know how they work or what questions to ask your care team members about them? Find out in the HFSA brochure: Heart Failure Medication, linked below.

Managing Feelings Around Heart Failure
On the HFSA Website under the Patient Hub available at hfsa.org/patient, you can find a link with resources for patients seeking help on managing heart failure and financial assistance for prescription medications. A few of these resources can be found below. Click "See All Resources" to see more.

Additional Resources
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