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For April, HFSA focused on the psychological aspects of heart failure and the management of mental health and emotional wellness while living with heart failure. Resources and information can be found below and be sure to check out the Patient Hub at hfsa.org/patient.
Featured Resources
HFSA Brochure: Managing Feelings About Heart Failure
It’s not unusual to go through a range of emotions after major life changes and adjusting to the life changes from a heart failure adjusting to a heart failure diagnosis is no exception. Find ways to address these feelings here: Learn More
New Podcast Episode: Emotional Wellness: From Heart Failure Diagnosis to Transplant and Beyond
Receiving a heart failure diagnosis and a heart transplant can be very emotional experiences. The most recent episode of the Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living Podcast looks at the emotional side of heart failure care.
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HFSA Brochure: Advanced Care Planning
While it is a chronic condition, thanks to proper treatment, heart failure progress can be slowed or reversed. This free brochure will help ease the process of preparing an advance care plan. Learn More
HFSA Virtual Patient and Caregiver Day 2020 Presentations are Now OnDemand! Access the presentations for free. (If this is your first time accessing them, create a login and sign-up for free). Learn More
Webinar: Emotional Wellness in Heart Failure and the Caregiver Challenge
Being a caregiver for a patient with heart failure is a role that comes with its own challenges. This webinar from 2019 explains how to recognize mood changes, when to seek help, and treatment options available. Free with an HFSA login: Learn More
Top 10 Tips for Caregivers
From the Caregivers Network
Caring for a heart failure patient is not always easy. The number one thing to remember is that no caregiver is in it alone–– other caregivers know what you’re going through too. These ten tips can be a great resource for those tough days: Learn More
Podcast Archive: Emotional Wellness in Heart Failure
Mental health is just as important as physical health. In this archive episode of the Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living Podcast (Season 1 Episode 8), Dr. Nasrien E. Ibrahim, MD, provides helpful information on.  Learn More
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