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February Issue | 2020
Special Announcements
Coming Soon to Lydia Place- Heart House

Whatcom County faces two distinct crises significantly impacting families with young children. The first is a housing affordability and availability crisis, with vacancy rates hovering around 1.5% for multiple years running and rental rates...

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Events: March Madness Red Tag Sale at Wise Buys Thrift Store

Look good and do good this Spring by shopping at Wise Buys! We're all guilty, whether we buy online or brick and mortar, we like our fashion and we like it fast. But, did you know:
  • The fast fashion industry is responsible for an alarming 10 percent of all of humanity's carbon emissions.
  • Eighty-five percent of all textiles are trashed each year, ending up in a landfill or incinerated.
  • By wearing one item of clothing for 9 months longer a person can actually reduce their carbon footprint by 30 percent!

That is some math we can get behind:
Shopping Red Tags at Wise Buys = Saves YOU 50% and reduces 30% of YOUR carbon foot print
AND your purchase supports families experiencing homelessness in YOUR community!

Events: Bowling for Beds at 20th Century Bowling
Friday, March 27th
4:30PM - 7:30PM

Join in the fun at this charitable bowling event by participating on 1 of 5 "KingPin" hotel teams competing* to become the ultimate champion at this year's Bowling for Beds event! A fun, family-friendly bowling event to help raise emergency hotel funds for Lydia Place.

Last year Lydia Place spent over $100,000 in hotel expenses to remove families with children and expectant mothers from inhabitable and/or dangerous living conditions. Although these emergency hotel stays are not allocated in our budget, we felt we had to step up and do the right thing. We need your support to help build our emergency fund for 2020, so when a crisis involving children arises, we can keep saying “Yes,” and be a immediate lifeline to families in need.

Each ticket includes team t-shirt, 2 games of bowling, shoe rental, food, and 2 drink tickets.

*No bowling skills required, just a healthy pinch of competition for a good cause. Sign up to bowl with your family, friends, or make new friends while supporting a great cause for our local neighbors in need. We have 1 lane reserved for children 12 and under (free). Supervision is required.
Thank You to Lydia Place's Bowling for Beds 2020 "KingPin" Sponsor Circle
Events: JUMP! for Lydia Place at Trampoline Zone
Wednesday, April 8th
12PM - 2PM

Trampoline Zone and Lydia Place are partnering together with another special jump event in April! 100% donations from this event go directly to supporting Lydia Place's mission to end homelessness in Whatcom County. Grab your friends, socks, and donations to help support Lydia Place!

$5.00 Suggested donation per jumper.

Thank you to Trampoline Zone for continuing to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our community through this family favorite cause!

Events: Annual Earth Day Beautification Project
Wednesday, April 22nd
9AM - 12PM

We are looking for groups and/or individual volunteers for our annual Earth Day Beautification Project for our Campus Housing Programs. Join a working party at one of our three Campus Housing Program locations to help clean, refresh and beautify the exterior landscape for families in need. Your supports helps ensure Lydia Place families with children have a safe and clean place to heal and start anew. Light snacks and beverages will be provided. We hope to see you there!

If you are interested in joining one of our Earth Day working parties please contact Community Engagement Coordinator, Rita Thames at

Community Cares features individuals and businesses who coordinated a drive and/or donated 100% of proceeds in order to fulfill an immediate Lydia Place need.
 Community Cares: Hearts for Housing

This February our community joined hearts and raised over $275,000 to support families experiencing homelessness in Whatcom County!

This is an incredible accomplishment, one that will allow Lydia Place to continue to respond to our most vulnerable neighbors in need and continue to advocate tenaciously for a more equitable Whatcom County.

In addition to funding Lydia Place's four pillars of support, (housing, case management, parenting support, and mental health) we are excited to announce funds raised at Hearts for Housing will allow Lydia Place to expand mental health services to children and teens, continue providing emergency shelter for children and their parents, and pave the way for bright futures for over 800 of our neighbors in 2020.

From all of us at Lydia Place, thank you for making this work possible.
Along with our guests, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to our Hearts for Housing sponsors, our dedicated Lydia Place volunteers, board, and staff for the countless hours each and every one of you put in over the past few months to make this event a success. We simply could not have done this without you.

Community Cares: Puget Sound Energy Powerful Partnership

Puget Sound Energy continues its commitment to help the environment and human services organizations through its “Powerful Partnerships” program, now in its fourth year. This year, PSE selected 24 organizations, one being Lydia Place, across its 6,000 square mile service area to receive $200,000.

“Puget Sound Energy cares about our communities and the environment, so teaming up with organizations committed to do the same made sense,” said PSE Vice President of Communications Andy Wappler. “Through these partnerships, not only can we provide funds to support the organizations’ missions but also educate the community on how we can create a better energy future working together.”

Thank you for PSE's ongoing support of Lydia Place families and programs through this POWERFUL partnership with us!
Community Cares: Macy's Gives BIG to Lydia Place

Bellingham's local Macy's chose Lydia Place as the recipient of their Macy's Round Up the Change event from February 1st through February 15th. In two short weeks, the program raised $1,924 for local families in need. Further proof that a little bit can go a long way! We would like to thank Macy's and fellow shoppers for rounding up their purchases to support Lydia Place programs and services.
If you or your business is interested in raising funds or hosting a drive in support of Lydia Place we'd love to hear about it! Please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Rita Thames at to learn which needs make the biggest impact for our families.
Featured Partnership: NEW! Donate For Charity Inc.

Buying a new car? Getting rid of an old one? Selling isn’t your only option. We’ve teamed up with Donate for Charity to make donating your vehicle easy. It’s a win for all: you get a minimum $500 tax deduction (or higher, depending on what your car sells for), and Lydia Place receives the net proceeds to support our program. By donating your car, you’ll avoid the headache of selling a used vehicle. Whether the vehicle is running or not, Donate For Charity can help process the donation. You can either click on the link provided here , or call Donate For Charity directly at (866) 392-4483.
Thank you for your support!

Remember to mention Lydia Place during your donation process to ensure your funds are credited to Lydia Place.

Immediate Need: Children's Books

Our Parent Support Program is in need of new, high quality books for ages 0-5 in order to fulfill their commitment to provide one book, for each child, each visit.
When selecting titles please remember we are supporting parents in raising the next generation to be kind, loving, and supportive.

You can help parents introduce these concepts in an age-appropriate and engaging way by choosing books with characters who challenge gender stereotypes, and books that celebrate the uniqueness of all family types represented in our community.

If you have any questions or need support in selecting titles, please contact our Parent Support Program Supervisor, Jennifer Hooper at or by calling 360.671.7663 ext. 1005

Immediate Need: Artwork Donations

Last year's Art for Housing was such a success we decided to do it again this year! ALL of the art pieces featured in last year's auction sold (talk about a great problem to have). So we are currently seeking gallery quality art, in all forms and mediums, to help raise funds to support vital programming and services in 2020. Whether you're an artist, or collector with a piece that could use more appreciation, we'd love to have your support at our 2nd annual Art for Housing on May 8th.
If you have questions about donating an auction item to Lydia Place please contact Event Coordinator, Laura Owens at or by calling 360.671.7663 ext. 1000

Immediate Need: New and Gently Used Handbags

To support our Handbags for Housing event, we seek donations of new or gently used handbags to fill our Handbag Bazaar, Silent Auction, and Live Auction throughout the year. With over 500+ attendees all looking for their next great bag or bargain, we require hundreds of handbags in all shapes, sizes, and price levels to accommodate! 
If you have questions about donating an auction item to Lydia Place please contact Event Coordinator, Laura Owens at or by calling 360.671.7663 ext. 1000

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Grant will help Whatcom Family YMCA expand child care

An $800,000 state grant will be used by the Whatcom Family YMCA for a new child care center that will have room for 24 more children. The grant was part of $17.2 million that the Washington State Department of Commerce awarded in February to 39...

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Lydia Place Joins Forces With Area Hotels for 'Bowling...

For the second year in a row, a group of local hotels are teaming up to ensure access to emergency housing for families in need. The Bowling for Beds fundraising event benefits Lydia Place, a local non-profit that guides families into safe and...

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Washington Affordable Housing Report

Everyone at every stage of life needs a safe place to live. In small towns and big cities, the stories of Washingtonians enduring homelessness and housing instability are varied...

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Attention Lydia Place Monthly Contributors
You may update expired credit card details via our Financial Manager, Judy Wayt at 360.671.7663 ext 2003 or by filling out a new online donation form with your new credit card information here.

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who generously gave this month!
2020 Engineering, Inc., Kristine Allen, Evelyn Ames, Anonymous, Charles Arballo, Amy Ashby, Anthony Ashe, Chris Baier, Georgie Bailey, Nancy & R B Bailey, David Beaumier, Kathryn Beck, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, Richard & Janet Berg, Drew Betz, Sherrill & Peggy Blankenship, BP Foundation, Carol Brach, Charles Brown, Virgina Brownfield, Michael & Mary Brunt, Stephen Buetow, Mark Bugas, Suzanne Canson, Maureen Carr, Cheryl Buck Inc, Karen & Richard Clark, S.W & J.R Claussen, Carol & Dennis Comeau, Tom & Merrie Copeland, Susan Costanzo, David & Mary Lynne Courtney, Sue Ann Croft, William & Frances Davis, Elizabeth Delgatto, Jo A Dereske, Deutsche Telekom, Inc, Diane DeWitt, Nathan & Amanda Dwyer, Beth Edelheit, John Elliott, Pamela E. Englett, Shala Erlich, Graham Essex, Mary Evans, Joe Farina, Timothy J Fenlason, First Congregational Church, Steve Forbes, Lisa Ford, Virginia Foster, Arla Fowler, William L Freeman, GeoEngineers, Christine Gibbs, Alex Gorman, Peter Gorsuch, Lynn Graham, Audrey E. Gravley, Gray Mold Company, Inc, Christine Green, Paul & Mary Grey, Kathleen Gundel, Julianna Guy, Michael Haberman, Alesia Hall, Mike Hammes, Jim Harber, Barbara Harrell, Jeanine Hart-Horner, Greer W Hastings, Joan Hawley, Beth Hawthorne, Lisa Heezen, Wade & Laurie Henley, Alicia Herzog, Robert Hicks, Joel & Helena Hiltner, Allyssa & Mike Hinckley, David Hooper, Audrey & Delbert Hubbard, Jonathan Huffman, Kyle Huleatt, Frederick & Maria Ingham, Kelley James, Jayme's Accessories, Beverly Johanson, Amy Johnson, Linda Johnson, Debra & David Jones, Alishia Joubert, Richard & Judith Kasper, J.B. & S.P. Keith, Elizabeth Kerwin, Karen Kesslering, Phyllis & Lawrence Kiehn, Christine Kubota, Ann Lackland, Erin Lange, Christine Larsen, Latitude 49, Tom Laughlin, Sonya Lee, TJ Lee, Dennis & Judith Lewis, Brian& Pomela Lind, Sandra Little, Little Family Legacy Foundation, Karin Luce, Lummi Island Congregational Church, Georgia MacGregor, Bruce & Joan MacKay, Fay Mafnas, Jane Major, Leah Marx, The Mary Redman Foundation, Brooke Masley, Kay Mason, Joan Matz, Cindy & Charley McCabe, Donald McCale, Kristin Mccullough, Megan McGinty, Dustin McKissen, Giovanna McLaughlin, Kathleen McQuaide, Heather Michel, Janet & Walter Fund Miller, Carolyne Milling, Patti Morgan, Robert & Jeanette Morse, Marilyn Moullen, MTE Fund, Shirley Murray, Shenandoah Myrick, Nina Nancarrow, Dr. David Netboy, Network for Good, Hudson Oehlerich, Silas Oehlerich, Mary Oherron, Merrie O'Meara, Susan Palmer, Debbie Parker, Joel Pattinson, Michael Payne, Troy Pazaski, Amanda Pennell, Mary & Ralph Perona, Kenneth & Patricia Pettichord, Noel Phillips, Jo Philpot, Virginia Pieters, Robert Pollock, Justin Pool, Greg & Tami Posel, Gene & Marlene Potocnik, Neal Price, ProPack Logistics US LLC , Puget Sound Energy Foundation, Melanie Pysden, Joel & Suzanne Rautiola, Ann Reading, Rector's Vacuum Shop, Tasha Repp, James & Merete Rhoades, Robert J Richards, Riordan-Thompson Family Charitable Fund, C.M. Robbins, Scott Roberts, Cheryl Rochford, Thomas & Junko Roehl, Michael Sato, Dale & Betty Schrader, Phillis Self, Kari Severns, Shawn Northhouse, Lora Sherman, Ruth Shuster, RoseMarie Slay, Karla Slusher, Linda Smeins, Jillene Snell, Ashley Snyder, Aurora Solum, Delores Starcher, Diane Staves, Pete Stelling, Sterling Rentals 1 LLC, Jim Stewart, Patricia Stigliani, Maurice & Anita Stoffer, Jenn Stutsman, Superfeet, Scott L Thomson, Breeanna Thramer, Thomas Thramer, Larry & Karen Rule Tobiassen, Jeffery Y. Tom, Top Land Trading Inc, Teri Treat, Lindsay Tucker, Tucker Family Foundation, UFCW Local 21, Shawna Unger, United Way of King County, Kara Van Metre, Vanderpol Realty, Lindsay VanJaarsveld, Vautaux Construction, June & John Vigor, Marty & Tom Villa-Lovoz, Ashlee Walls, Elizabeth Walukas, WELCA, Welcome Construction Inc, Megan Elizabeth Westgate, Russ & Rebecca Weston, Whatcom Community Foundation, Whatcom Events, John & Kathryn Whitmer, Judith Wilgress, Dean Williams, Carolyn E. Wolfe, Women Of Saint James, Robert & Alicia Wurm, Marilyn and Gary Wyss, Yorkston Oil Company Incorporated, Angi Zender, David & Rena Ziegler, Anthony Zold