Colors of the Rainbow Team Match: Swing!
Fifth graders demonstrate Respect, Elegance and Teamwork at the Colors of the Rainbow Team Match!

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Contact: Ember Reichgott Junge, Co-Founder, Heart of Dance,  612-750-1262

Heart of Dance has More Room for Fall Schools!

Due to generous community support, nonprofit Heart of Dance is able to bring the benefits of ballroom dance to more Twin Cities fifth graders this fall!   Interested school leaders are urged to contact Heart of Dance now as there is still time to bring Dancing Classrooms to your school this fall. 
Over 1760 fifth graders in 80 classrooms in the Twin Cities have already participated in Dancing Classrooms, the social emotional learning program of Mad Hot Ballroom fame.  Students learn much more than the swing, tango and rumba:  they learn Respect, Teamwork and Elegance fundamental to Dancing Classrooms.   As fifth-grader Jose said last year, "I like Dancing Classrooms because it builds bridges."  
Interested educators or parents can contact Ember Reichgott Junge at or 612-750-1262 to learn more or go to   
Heart of Dance, the Minnesota nonprofit co-founded by former state senator Ember Reichgott Junge and dance professional Andrea Mirenda, launched Dancing Classrooms in Minnesota in September, 2015, as the 30 th global program site with specially-trained Teaching Artists and curriculum that integrates with other class subjects.  Dancing Classrooms has a 20+-year history of helping students overcome social anxieties, develop gender and multi-cultural respect, and increase social skills, self-confidence, and awareness of other cultures, all while engaging in physical activity. 
Principal Kathryn Griebel of Harambee Elementary School, says "This is a program that addresses the needs of the whole child.  It's about so much more than learning the dances.  It's about doing something you didn't think you could.  It's about how to be in partnership with someone, and have respect and accountability to each other.  It's the lessons they learn about themselves."  
There is no cost to students for the ten-week residency.  Costs are split evenly between schools and Heart of Dance.  Dancing Classrooms is a proven Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program which has served over 500,000 students in 24 states and five countries in its 20-year history.  It is the first program launched by Heart of Dance, a 501c3 Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to transforming the social and self-perception of individuals by personally experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of social dance.  For more information go to, or view the following links:
Heart of Dance Video:    Dancing Classrooms in Twin Cities:  Hear from Educators, Parents and Students !
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