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2019 is Coming ... and So are Exciting Things for the Heart of New Ulm

With The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation completing its 10-year research phase for The Heart of New Ulm Project (HONU) in 2018, it's soon to be official! Starting in 2019, HONU will be owned and operated by the entire New Ulm community.

HONU mission: "To improve the health, well-being and quality of life of all New Ulm-area residents through education, available resources, initiatives and partnerships that empower people of all ages to take responsibility for their own health in a supportive environment." 

A few fast facts about HONU in 2019 and beyond:

Focus areas:
As a community-owned health initiative, HONU is now focused on three significant and widespread health issues: 1) Healthy lifestyles across the lifespan, 2) Mental health, and 3) Addiction and risky use of substances.

Leadership structure:  The Heart of New Ulm is guided by a 12-member Community Leadership Team, along with more than 80 community volunteers representing 35 organizations on 11 Action Teams.  Leadership Team and Action Team Members  and  Action Team Listing  
Funding:  The New Ulm Medical Center Foundation has generously donated funds to help HONU maintain its momentum and succeed in the future and continues to actively raise funds. Various other community organizations continue to make in-kind donations, such as donation of space, volunteer time, prize donations, supplies, pro bono or support services. People can donate online to the  New Ulm Medical Center Foundation ; click on the "Give Now" button and then choose "Heart of 
New Ulm" in the designation drop-down.
Jen Maurer

Staff:  In 2019, Jen Maurer from New Ulm Medical Center will serve as HONU coordinator. Jen will act as facilitator for the HONU Leadership Team and Action Teams and help the teams implement various programs and initiatives.  Jen can be reached at 507-217-5226 or

Cindy Winters
Cindy Winters will continue in her  role at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation helping other communities learn from HONU as they develop or improve their own community health initiatives and will also be committing 20 hours a week to HONU locally. Cindy can be reached at 507-217-5548  or


Happy Holidays from the Heart of New Ulm!

Our Holiday Trimmings program is underway, with tips to help you manage stress and have a better sense of well-being over the coming weeks.

Ring in the Holidays with Kindness!
Some of the best gifts are random acts of kindness, inspired by a paying-it-forward mentality. Showing kindness to others is a simple and easy way to brighten the day of those around you.  Try one of these unexpected kind acts to do -- and simply do it! 

Prevent the Holiday Blues by Managing Your Expectations
Most of us look forward to the time with family and friends and set certain expectations for the holiday.  Discover some quick and easy tips for managing holiday expectations so your holidays are enjoyable and full of wonderful memories. 

For Introverts or Those Who Just Don't Like Crowds: Manage Stress by Creating Your Holiday Survival Plan
The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, with so much to do, people to see, and gifts to buy! It can be especially stressful for those who consider themselves to be an introvert, or for those who just don't enjoy big crowds.  Learn some helpful tips for creating a holiday survival plan can make your holiday more enjoyable and a little less stressful. 

On behalf of The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, thank you for 10 wonderful years! And thank you to the many individuals  and organizations who continue to inspire, support each other and work together to ensure the places people live, learn, work and play in New Ulm all support and promote easy, healthful choices. 
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