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Over 500 HOB Kids in School This Year!
Crimea, India, Haiti, Kenya, Zambia
We serve orphans and kids at risk who would otherwise never go to school. When we say that this provision is LIFE CHANGING, we really mean it! Enjoy a few highlights from the new school year and thanks for your valuable support.

In India
Nirikshea School welcomed over forty new students this year into a life changing program that hundreds more would like to attend. As you can see from the photo above, many of the new students are preschoolers who will receive breakfast, lunch, quality education, loving nurture and knowledge of Christ. For the most part, if they were unable to attend Nirikshea, they would be playing unattended on the streets, undernourished and without hope of education. They are the first generation to receive education and knowledge of Christ in their community and the first with the promise to break the cycle of extreme poverty. This really does change their lives forever!

This year, they will get to school 
a whole lot faster, and no one will be missing classes because of a new bus purchased in part by HOB donors. Without this provision over 150 students would have been carted back and forth from the slums to the school on just one small bus that ran in shifts all day long. The new bus was a vital provision.
Our partners have asked that we pray fervently for new teachers that are desperately needed to help carry the load of the new students. The current teaching staff is amazing and the bar is set very high in qualifications, character, and commitment. Everyone on staff has a ministry mindset and only God can provide the additional help that meets that criteria.
Would You Like to Go to India?
HOB will be taking a vision team to Bangalore India in January of 2016 to minister at the school and in the community where the kids live. Advocates, church leaders and ministry donors who might want to get a first hand vision of an incredible ministry that needs more support are welcome to consider going with us. Contact Kristi@heartofthebride if you want to know more about the India trip.

In Haiti
This week close to 200 students are gathering at Human Care School to begin a new year. As always, we will have many new seventh graders and there is also a new primary school on the campus for younger orphans in the area. The primary school is led by 
committed volunteers . For the most part, the new students are hearing the gospel for the first time, and most come to Christ in their first year at Human Care so we get excited about new students for many reasons.

The BIG news is the opening of the Philo program on campus. Philo is the 13 th grade required for University. We have already had two Philo groups graduate, but until now they finished their final year on other campuses in the area. Qualified staff and a brand new facility await these guys at our campus this year.
  In addition to the Philo facility, all of the students will be able to gather (under cover) for the first time ever to attend Chapel and joint Bible classes in the new school chapel 
building that is nearing completion this week.

An HOB ministry team will be on site in October to help initiate and dedicate this new building and to gather sponsorship communication for HOB sponsors.
As the students start their one and even two hour daily walks to school, seven of their former classmates will be attending University on HOB scholarships including several who will be getting teaching degrees. It won't be much longer before we realize our dream of having our students as teachers in the school.
Please pray for our partner, Edner, and the teachers as they seek to mentor so many boys while carrying a heavy academic load. Pray for the students too. They are receiving an incredible gift, but they all work very hard and live under difficult circumstances as orphans in one of the poorest countries on this side of the world.

In Zambia
The Abba's Heart boys start school earlier and just enjoyed a Spiritual Emphasis week on their first school break week. Abba's just opened a second residential home for new boys from the streets and continues to help young men get established in life and ministry who have gone through the program.
  The Spiritual emphasis week was lead by the Abba's Heart missionary team and Zambian staff. The week included great bible teaching and prayer along with classic camp recreation activities. It's great to see strong spiritual leadership coming from changed young men who are lighting the path of those coming behind them out of the darkness. God is still delivering and setting captives free. We can pray for the new house parents, Harry and Freda, who face both incredible opportunities and challenges that come with bringing boys into family life who are used to surviving on the streets and battling so many difficult things.

A few of the new children in the preschool class at Nirikshea School in India


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