February  2021
Heart to Heart

Community Updates
Turn the tables! Michael Bittel ARCC President & CEO interviews Jesse H. Jackson, President & Chief Creative Officer about the evolution to LOOK Media Resource. The journey began in 2004 with North News 8, a 10 watt analog station which became TV8, then LOOK TV, then LOOK Media and finally LOOK Media Resource, a 15,000 watt digital content provider. The goal was always the same - to use Jesse's background, instincts & 'creative curse' to provide original content that adds to the well-being of the community. More on the way...
Dave Wick
Lake George
Park Commission

Protecting the environment and the water quality for our lakes and streams is key to the LGPC. Executive Director Dave Wicks informs us about the effectiveness of applying brine to roads, the technology to make and apply it as well as the long term cost reductions.
Police Chief
Joe Boisclair
and Councilman
Jim Clark

A dialog among a broad cross-section of community groups contributed to enhancing and making improve- ments to the new Police Reform Proposal. The goal is to better ourselves for the constituency.

Christian Dutcher
Lake George
Winter Festival

This year's Winter Festival offered visitors the chance to stay apart yet experience many of the great outdoor sports the region has to offer. The promotional packages created an appeal to stay in the Lake George area.
The Power of Three
LOOK Media Resource, a 501c3 has created a unique model for business and NFPs with benefits for each. The concept is simple. Build a base of business partners who are stakeholders & vested in the community to provide the NFP community with a resource they do not have - the ability to produce and distribute video content related to their needs for building awareness and funds. We provide the experience, creativity, tools, AND distribution channels for their marketing/messaging . For the business partners we provide 3 key benefits:
  1. Customized video messaging for the partner, as supporting meaningful content relevant to the wellbeing of our communities, across all digital platforms 24/7.
  2. Supplemented assistance in helping an NFP – close to their hearts – free of charge.
  3. Tax incentives

With our platforms – Web, Social & TV, we have unlimited reach to all demos consuming media. For 17 years, we have earned loyalty and respect for our programming and mission. We also have creative talents few can match. 

Corporate Underwriting is what makes it all possible. 
Please go to our website for information: 

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Underwriting is tax deductible

Join the ARCC & LMR for a virtual discussion on the vaccine, with medical professionals from Glens Falls Hospital and Hudson Headwaters Health Network, as well as the Director of Public Health for Warren County.

Local music and performance video series
Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter,
Dan Berggren, E.R.I.E.,
Sydney Worthley 
Viewer Comments

THANK YOU so much for sending us the link, Antoinette -- AND for LOOK TV's interest in our project! I thought that this clip was very well done and nicely produced -- Jean did a wonderful job of drawing some subtle elements forward and I greatly appreciated Jesse's thoughtful engagement and genuine connection around the topic and MLK Saratoga's efforts. So appreciated!

Kudos & congrats on your new look and roll-out, too!
Best wishes,
Lezlie Dana
MLK Saratoga

"Thank you so much for the mention! We had a great Saturday last weekend with happy out-of-towners enjoying the fun at the ranch!" The Barn at French Mountain Commons on Warren County Winter Events Calendar


Our post reach was up to 24.6k this month, between all of our online platforms!


"Here's to your wonderful new rebrand!" Angelina, Facebook follower.

"Many thanks to Look Media Resource for helping us bring this inside look to the community!" Saratoga County Alliance on Facebook

"Proud to work with these folks to move the dial forward on ending homelessness in Saratoga!" Lindsey, facebook follower, on Saratoga County Housing Alliance Interview

"Good commercial for Warren County!😘 I love where I live! Need something to do." Bev, Facebook follower, on Warren County Winter Events Calendar

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