Volume 1, Issue 1 | December 2020
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A monthly publication dedicated to trauma-informed, compassionate school practices that help educators, students, and families move toward a sense of wholeness and well-being.
Welcome: The Essence of a HeartMind Approach

Are you puzzled about priorities for 2021?
At CEI, the question we are asking is, “what are we meant to do?” If we have this one precious moment in time, a time when it certainly is not “business as usual,” what are we to do? 

In 2020, we have had a unique opportunitya chance to step outside of our comfort zones and adapt to troubling circumstances. With vaccinations in sight, we may find that by mid-2021, we may have missed this opportunity for learning and growth. So, how can we take best advantage of this time?

CEI remains committed to five essential components—Our 5Cs:

Over the past decade, we have worked with educational leaders to design options and opportunities to implement evidence-based best practices that ‘fast track’ academic progress and close gaps between the latest research on student achievement and what is practiced in schools. These five components remain and serve as a robust recipe for improving the lives of students and staff. Our premise is that by focusing on five, rather than a myriad of components to build social emotional skills and competence, educators can simplify their lives and accelerate the adoption of important research-based practices. During this next year in HeartMind e-News, building on our understanding of neurobiology, heart centeredness, and mindfulness, CEI will provide succinct overviews of research-based practices to strengthen and support schools.
Join Our HeartMind Adventure!
Our HeartMind Adventure is a series of practical exercises designed to give you, your colleagues, and your students opportunities to deepen understanding and further the practice of our 5Cs.

Here is a simple way to begin, starting with yourself. Click here and join the adventure!
Each edition of HeartMind e-News will offer a research-based perspective to help you understand more about what can be done to further trauma-informed, compassionate school practices that help educators, students, and families move toward a sense of wholeness and well-being.
In January 2021, we will suggest how to build on this foundation, including implications for classroom climate and instruction.
Featured Article
Many Decisions: Building a Future with Our Hearts in Mind
Christine Mason, PhD, CEI Executive Director
Our HeartMind e-News connects the relationship of heart centered learning and mindfulness to current research and circumstances. Our goal is to provide our readers with concrete opportunities to further implementation of heart centered practices in their schools and districts. These opportunities will include suggestions for reflection, journaling, dialoguing, and compassionate classroom activities. 

We begin by examining the relationship of the 5Cs to “learned hopefulness" and the science of learning and development. We will share a few key ideas from activists and educational leadersconsidering wisdom from Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves, and Linda Darling-Hammond.

Hopefulness Versus Helplessness
In a recent seminar, Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves (2020) described a phenomenon they term “learned hopefulness,” or the ability to focus on hope. They recommend that educators turn towards hope, teach hope, and not only help people cope, but help them have hope.

Over the years, “learned helplessness” (Seligman & Maier, 1967) has been used to describe conditions that often restrict our problem solving, sometimes to the point where we believe we cannot control our life or life circumstances. Psychologists have reported that with training and practice, individuals can become more resilient, and have a greater sense of self-compassion and self-worth. “Learned hopefulness” provides another frame for understanding actions we might take to further our circumstances and overcome a sense of complacency or apathy regarding our lives. Read more.
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Join Dr. Christine Mason and Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy in research-based seminars to learn about experiencing joy and healing through mindful self-care. Whether students are learning in classrooms, online, or in a hybrid model, our approach can accelerate healing and success in 2021.
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