Volume 1, Issue 3 | February 2021
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A monthly publication dedicated to trauma-informed, compassionate school practices that help educators, students, and families move toward a sense of wholeness and well-being
Compassion is Cultivated from a Mindful and Open Heart

Practice Greater Love and Compassion
Stories of love and compassion, as well as suffering, made the headlines daily in 2020. Out of the worst of times often comes the best of humanity.

Using hindsight, how will we practice greater love and compassion in the future at school, our workplaces, our homes, and in our communities to overcome the enormous suffering being experienced? 
This month CEI looks at how the 5Cs (consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community)—especially compassion—play an essential role in easing the suffering and hurting of so many people, students, staff, leaders, neighbors, and strangers alike?
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Our HeartMind Adventure is a series of practical exercises designed to give you, your colleagues, and your students opportunities to deepen understanding and further the practice of our 5Cs:

In January, we took you on a HeartMind Adventure connecting our 5Cs to equity consciousness. This month's HeartMind Adventure focuses on cultivating compassion. To begin, review any notes you have from last month and begin this month's adventure by answering a few basic questions. Learn more.
Each edition of HeartMind e-News offers a research-based perspective to help you understand more about what can be done to further trauma-informed, compassionate school practices that help educators, students, and families move toward a sense of wholeness and well-being.
Featured Article
Our HeartMind e-News connects the relationship of heart centered learning and mindfulness to current research and circumstances. Our goal is to provide our readers with concrete opportunities to further implementation of heart centered practices in their schools and districts. These opportunities will include suggestions for reflection, journaling, dialoguing, and compassionate classroom activities. These exercises often start with adults, working on our own knowledge and skills, before we turn to students.
With Compassion and Love Comes Goodness and Healing
Michele Rivers Murphy, CEI Associate Director of Heart Centered Learning

Love and suffering are closely related, most certainly in the mutual intensity of emotion they provoke. As we have all experienced so personally in this past year, as deeply as we love, we also feel the depth of suffering that is part of our shared human experience.    
When we begin to peel back the layers to understand the enormity of human loss, suffering and tragedy during our world’s health pandemic, we also reflect on the unimaginable hatred, bigotry, and racism experienced by many. 
As we seek to return safely to a new sense of normalcy, we are reminded that no one is immune from suffering. Yet, with this suffering and with so much grief can come a greater desire to lean in together, with heart and with compassion, helping each other and helping ourselves through this horrible time in our history. And, eventually, we are grateful. All the while, we are hopeful that we might ultimately land on the brighter side of humanity—filled with goodness and healing for all. Read more.
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Next Generation Conversation on Compassion and Community for a Better Future
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Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy, CEI’s Associate Director of Heart Centered
Julia Murphy, an undergraduate student at Providence College in Rhode Island.
Compassionate School Practices: Fostering Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being

Help your school/district use available resources to create a compassionate culture of justice and care for all by leaning into this book’s approach to leadership and social emotional learning.

Discover a collaborative visioning process to elevate compassion through dialogue, policies, and protocol.
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"Not All Trauma is New...Or Equal" with Dr. Yvette Jackson, Dr. Christine Mason, and Dr. Michele Rivers Murphy.

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