Fall 2019
Hospital Seeks Healthy Dogs for Cancer Vaccine Study
UC Davis is one of three national participants in the Vaccination Against Canine Cancer Study. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs (accounting for approximately 30 percent of all deaths), and this will be the largest clinical trial conducted to date for canine cancer. See if your dog qualifies to be a part of this groundbreaking study.
Standing Equine PET Scanner Now Ready for Clinical Use on Racehorses in Training
The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with LONGMILE Veterinary Imaging, has completed the first phase of the validation of the MILE-PET, the first positron emission tomography (PET) scanner specifically designed to image the limbs of standing horses, using light sedation, eliminating the need for anesthesia.
Animals Evacuated by Kincade Fire Find Shelter and Expert Medical Care
A KQED reporter and photographer shadowed the Veterinary Emergency Response Team at the Sonoma County fairgrounds as they cared for animals impacted by the Kincade Fire. See her “behind the scenes” photo essay.
Dr. Amy Kapatkin Named President of Leading National Orthopedic Organization
Amy Kapatkin, DVM, MS, DACVS, has been named president of AO North America (AONA), a national organization that is focused on musculoskeletal education for physicians and veterinarians. For many years, Dr. Kapatkin has been a member of the veterinary subset of AONA, AOVETNA. Her appointment marks the first-ever AOVETNA member to be elected president of AONA. She is also the first woman and the first veterinarian to be president of the organization.
Dr. John Madigan Spotlight
Equine critical care specialist and Director of the Veterinary Emergency Response Team Dr. John Madigan was featured prominently in two recent spotlights. UC Davis’ Public Scholarship and Engagement initiative featured Dr. Madigan’s work in various rescue efforts of trapped, stranded, or otherwise compromised animals, as well as his groundbreaking research discoveries. Modern Equine Vet , a leading horse health publication, recently sat down with Dr. Madigan for an exclusive interview about his career.

New Approach for Canine Epilepsy
Researchers and clinicians at the UC Davis veterinary hospital are evaluating a novel technique to better understand and treat canine epilepsy.
Dr. Mathieu Spriet Becomes Founding Member of Equine Imaging Specialty
Dr. Mathieu Spriet, an associate professor in the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences, recently passed boarding examinations to become a founding member of the American College of Veterinary Radiology’s new subspecialty of Equine Diagnostic Imaging.
Veterinary Medical Center Update
The Veterinary Medical Center's All Species Imaging Center will be a central hub of all imaging technology utilized by the hospital.
There are many exciting happenings this quarter surrounding our new Veterinary Medical Center , as Phase I of the campaign continues. Inside the current hospital, a new Feline Treatment and Housing Suite is being constructed to more efficiently care for hospitalized cats. We anticipate a grand opening of that new suite in February. Also being upgraded is our laundry facilities to allow for better efficiency of workflow for our staff. When the feline and laundry upgrades are complete, we will focus on the next major aspect of Phase I – the All Species Imaging Center . Plans for this new central hub of imaging technology are being finalized, with construction slated to begin in 2020. Please consider joining us on this journey , as we boldly create the world’s preeminent veterinary care facility. Read examples of how patients will benefit from our new hospital.
Welcome New Faculty Clinicians
Ophthalmology Service
Dr. Brian Leonard, DVM, PhD, DACVO
Dr. Brian Leonard joined the Ophthalmology Service and the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences as an assistant professor of comparative ophthalmology, effective November 1, 2019. Dr. Leonard received his DVM and PhD (comparative pathology) degrees from UC Davis and completed a one-year internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Wisconsin before returning to UC Davis to complete a three-year residency in ophthalmology. Following his residency, Dr. Leonard stayed on at UC Davis as an assistant professional researcher in ophthalmology supported by funding from the National Eye Institute Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development program. Dr. Leonard is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. His research focuses on corneal healing modulation to prevent corneal fibrosis and how drug delivery might be improved by changing intercellular adhesion complexes between corneal epithelial cells. Dr. Leonard will be participating in didactic teaching in the professional and graduate curriculum.
Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Service
Dr. Douglas Castro, MV, MSc, DSc
Dr. Douglas Castro joined the Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Service and the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences as a health sciences assistant clinical professor of anesthesiology, effective December 1, 2019. Dr. Castro received his MV degree (DVM equivalent) from Castelo Branco University in Brazil, a Master of Sciences (MSc) degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a Doctor of Cardiovascular Sciences (DSc) degree from the Fluminense Federal University in Brazil. He then completed his residency in anesthesia and pain management at the University of Florida. Dr. Castro has previous experience as an assistant professor in anesthesiology at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His duties will be focused on patient care in the veterinary hospital, and his appointment will help fulfill instructional needs in anesthesiology. Dr. Castro’s research interests are in regional anesthesia, analgesia, balanced anesthesia, and cardiovascular effects of neuraxial anesthesia. 
"Evening with Vet Med" Lectures
Why Do Horses Need Regular Dental Care?
Biosecurity at Your Ranch, Farm, or Event
Stay tuned for upcoming “An Evening with Vet Med” events in 2020
Saving Lives Through Philanthropic Partnerships
Cancer Patients Helped by Philanthropic Fund
For the past few years, families of cancer patients at the UC Davis veterinary hospital have been financially assisted through a generous grant from the Blue Buffalo Foundation’s support of the Petco Foundation pet cancer treatment program. The grant helps support treatments for domestic companion animals suffering from cancer. The project is designed to support pet parents of modest means or pet parents whose pets provide a service to others. Meet some of the patients the grant has helped:

Cases of the Month
Poodle Conquers Three-Year Battle with Disease
Penny, a 7-year-old female poodle mix, first came to the UC Davis veterinary hospital in 2016. Through more than 100 visits to the hospital over the past three years, her pet parents have helped Penny battle immune mediated thrombocytopenia – a condition that caused Penny’s immune system to attack and destroy her own blood platelets. Without platelets, Penny’s blood would be unable to clot properly, putting her at risk of bleeding to death with even minor injuries.
Multiple Specialists Save Dog with Oral Cancer
Riley, a 14-year-old Irish terrier, was referred to the UC Davis veterinary hospital for a dental examination in December 2015. Upon examination by the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service, a pea-sized black mass was discovered on the roof of his mouth. Veterinarians suspected the mass to be an oral melanoma tumor—a cancer that could be fatal within 3-6 months if not treated aggressively—and submitted a tissue sample for biopsy.
Did You Know?
…that the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service recently published the 2nd edition of their textbook, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats ? Drs. Frank Verstraete, Milinda Lommer, and Boaz Arzi launched the book at the 2019 Annual Veterinary Dental Forum to wide recognition and interest.
…that dentistry resident Dr. Colleen Heney received a $10,000 Foundation of Veterinary Dentistry Research Award for her research on equine periodontitis? The award was presented at the 2019 Annual Veterinary Dental Forum, where she also received the “Best Oral Presentation” award at the Original Research section of the AVDF.
…that Star the dog recently celebrated his birthday at the hospital? Star’s owner Linda hosted the party to thank the staff for the excellent care they provided in helping Star correct her creatin levels.
…that Dr. Brian Murphy recently published the textbook, Veterinary Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology ? Dr. Murphy is a faculty member is the hospital’s Anatomic Pathology Service.
CE Calendar
Upcoming Veterinary Continuing Education Events:

  • February 1: 34th Annual Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture, UC Davis
  • February 22: FARM Club/Beef Producer Symposium, UC Davis
  • February 22-23: Winter Conference, UC Davis
  • March 7-8: Wildlife and Exotic Animal Symposium, UC Davis
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