It’s been six months, and CWG is settling into its relationship with Abode Services nicely.

CWG Board President John Barton has become president of the unified board, the Peninsula Committee is up and running, and CWG has lots of activity in the works — including prospective new projects and long-planned operational tasks.

For nearly 20 years, CWG ran as an all-volunteer organization. With strong community support, the agency logged some impressive accomplishments, including creating the Opportunity Center, the first permanent supportive housing complex in Santa Clara County. Now CWG is becoming even more efficient, thanks in large part to having access to an experienced, knowledgeable staff that is not only focused full-time on developing and maintaining affordable housing, but also speaks the same language as housing officers and government funders. “We’ve always been nimble, but things are happening much more quickly now,” Barton said.

With a team of professionals at the ready, the board can now focus on being advocates and let staff handle the details — a welcome development for Barton and the other pre-alliance CWG board members. “We’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing,” said Barton.

As the new president of a board that oversees CWG, Abode Services, and two other nonprofit agencies, Barton, who directs Stanford University’s Architectural Design Program and is a resident fellow at the school, has even begun to sleep better at night. “Now I can take a deep breath and know the organization will keep moving forward,” he said.

For more on CWG’s strategic alliance with Abode Services, see our website or the summer 2017 issue of “Thresholds” .